to trade or not to trade?

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  1. Hi all
    A buddy of mine just offered to trade me a MN for 10 boxes of 30-30 soft tip ammo i think i might do it cause i only have a single shot 30-30 and i can reload the brass after he's done. (by the way i have about 24 boxes) what do you all think? i might just cause i want to try playing with one and seeing what i can do with it. IE. new stock, scope etc. also i have one right now that is origanal stock with matching numbers and all accesories, so i wouldn't mind playing with his case the numbers dont match and it is in rough shape as far as stock and blueing goes. (also it was the wifes idea to poll you guys then do what you say)
  2. How much money do you have in the ammo?

  3. about 65 dollars
  4. I say go for it. It's a safe investment as you get a quality weapon and you'll eventually get the brass back, and can make more ammo. What a freakin' DREAM of a deal dude!
  5. If you only have $65 in the ammo then I say go for it.
  6. Thayldt21

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    Dude don't make me have to come over there and kick you in the ZBig tow. Trust me it would hurt. :p

    65 bones for a Dang good shooter. Jump on that.

    You have my full support.

    Also there is a MN support group on this forum. They can help councel on shooting withdrawls and help with the dreaming about shooting epesodes. 8)
  7. lol I did trade him no i just need to get ahold of the guy that owns amd get a new stock, scope mount, comp, and bolt and then we will be all set...................oh yeah i am going to add a bipod also, this is going to be great cause i already have the clean all original one and now i will have the cool new "tricked" version now i just need more cinder blocks to blow up........................ :lol:
  8. Huggy

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    Good deal on the Mosin! is the way to go, Dave is awesome.
    I ordered a bunch of compliance stuff for AK builds a little while back, and I'm still grinnin' :D... now if he only had AK parts kits...