To trim or not to trim

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    Just posted a reply in another thread about this, and thought well lets see what the opinions are. Please keep it respectful, to each his own opinion.
    Mods, if this is redundant please remove this thread.

    So I'll start. I have shell holders and gauges for all of my calibers. I don't start off with trimming, but I do gauge check my rifle and revolver shells and go from there.
  2. Normally I get once fired. I check them and often have to trim some/all. Then I place them lots. I check a few every time a lot is reloaded and trim on an as needed basis(when they are @ the max + oversize).

    As most of what I shoot is light-to-mild, I don't need to trim often.

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    Bottleneck: trim as required for the cases that are at or exceed max length
    Straight wall: don't trim, as I have never found one at max length, much less over max length.
    Trying for more consistency in my S&W M52 about 15 years ago, I took some of my .38 Spl cases and trimmed them using the Lee trimmer. Out of about 100 cases, there were only three that were longer than the trim-to length (and they were barely touched by the trimmer), and all those cases had been fired at least five times and some had been in service since the '60s.
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    I trim and chamfer for my precision rifle loads, but none of my bulk stuff and none of my handgun loads.
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    You need to stop posting these divisive and polarizing threads! :eek:

  6. I like trim. ...oh. ...wrong forum. ....
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    I only trim when the case are over max length.
  8. got excited, thought we were in the dark rooms for a second :D