Today I found my tac light...Ozark Trail 200L review

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    As some of you know, I've been inquiring about an inexpensive light to mount on my 4095TS. Many of us are budget limited, especially in today's economy. I absolutely did not want to spend more than $50 on one. I wanted to keep the budget to less than $40, including mount....and so far I have!

    I had been looking at inexpensive, Chinese lights. Knockoffs, clones, etc. I actually came across 2 or 3 that, according to listed specs, looked promising. But this evening my gf and I had to run some errands. We had to go to WallyWorld to get some cat food and 2 or 3 other things. She knows I've been wanting a light for the 4095, so I mentioned I wanted to look at flashlights while there. So I headed over to the sporting goods department. Without further ado, I present to you my new light...the Ozark Trail OT 200L...for a whopping $14.97. :D


    Lets start with construction. First impression were great. The body is made entirely of aluminum and anodized a titanium greyish color (I was going to say gunmetal grey, but it's a bronzish grey, not a bluish grey). The package states dimensions as the following -
    • Bezel Diameter: 1.1 inches (29mm)
    • Body Diameter: 0.9 inches (24mm)
    • Length: 6.0 inches
    • Weight w/o batteries: 3.2 ounces (90 grams)
    • Weight w/ batteries: 4.9 ounces (138 grams)

    My measurements differ slightly (taken with Brown & Sharpe analog calipers) -
    • Bezel Diameter: 1.143 inches
    • Body Diameter: 0.973 inches
    • Length: 5.933 inches
    • Weight: I was unable to weigh the light due to lack of a scale.

    Traditional "clicky button" style tail. It could have a better "feel" to it, as it seems to take a little force from my thumb to activate it. It's not bad or straining, just a little "tough". Which could be good, as it will deter accidental activation. Threads are great, with little to no play in them, and an o-ring to keep moisture out.

    The head doesn't seem to be detachable, at least not without significant force. I don't want to break it, so I haven't forced it off. The reflector is of the "orange peel" variety and I'm pretty sure the lens is a plastic and not glass. But at this price point, I guess I can't complain too much.

    The other requirement was the usage of regular, everyday, batteries, such as AA's. I absolutely did not want to have to rely on a somewhat exotic battery, like cr123's, 18650, 14500, etc. This particular torch runs off of 2 AA (LR6) batteries. Should the need arise to need a battery in a pinch, AA's are one of the most widely available and found in most every home (especially on the homes of us that have children). Battery life is listed on the package as 1 hour and 30 minutes. being I just bought the torch tonight, I have not tested this claim. To be honest, I really have no need. Being it's a weapon light, there's a 99.99999% chance that it will never be needed more than 5 minutes.

    Ozark claims this torch meets a couple of other ANSI FL1 standards other than the listed run time. Impact resistance is listed as 1 meter (3.28 feet) with a beam distance of 94 meters (102.8 yards, 308.399 feet). I don't have the desire to test the claimed impact resistance. As for the beam distance, a quick backyard and "down the street" test tell me that the actual usable range is probably somewhere in the "100 feet at most" distance. After about 100 feet, intensity really starts to drop off and I don't really see it usable past this distance. Which brings us to the most important aspect of this light...

    The last, and most important spec of this torch is it's intensity rating. Does it throw? For a single emitter, Cree XB-D, running off of 2 AA's with a cost under $20, sure it does. Ozark Trail states on the package this little wonder is throwing 200 lumens. I don't doubt that claim, as the XB-D is completely capable of putting that out. And after testing it in a darkened house, and out in the yard, I feel comfortable accepting the manufacturers claim of 200 lumens. In a "crap, someone that isn't supposed to be in the house broke in" test, it is more than plenty bright enough for that type of scenario. Unless you live in a 20,000+ sq ft house, this torch provides more than enough light to engage a threat in a dark home. I used myself as a guinea pig in a "blind that guy" test. I subjected myself to about half of a second of direct eye contact from a distance of around 10 feet. My eyes being adjusted to light from being in a lit room, it was still plenty blinding and distracting while still seeing spots up to 3-4 minutes. In a scenario where an intruder's eyes would not be adjusted to light, I have no doubt this would temporarily blind them.

    Should you decide to check this flashlight out, be warned. Ozark actually makes (made) 2 different models as 200L. One model is the one I'm reviewing here, takes 2 standard AA batteries, and has an orange ring on the tail cap. The other version, which didn't get that great of a review (I think the only dedicated review I found on the net), is powered by 4 AA's and has a green ring on the tail cap. Walmart sold both, but currently shows the "green" version out of stock online. I did not see it in the store either. So maybe it was discontinued and replaced with the "orange" version I purchased.

    I'm very pleased with my sub-$20 flashlight. It's definitely the brightest flashlight I've owned under $20. I might just go back and get another. I'm going to measure the tail cap threading, with my thread guages, and see if I can find a remote pressure switch tail that will work on it. If not, I plan to mount it on a side rail on the 4095TS, forward of the VFG, with an offset mount like this ($5) so I can activate it with my thumb.


    If I can manage to get the head off, I may see about replacing the lens or reflector as well. Not too worried about that though. Anyways, this is my review of a small, inexpensive, Cree light from WallyWorld. Here's a link to it on their site -
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    After thinking about things, I think I'm going to do a small mod to this light. I found out that there are sub cell type batteries that are 2/3 the length of a AA. Same diameter and voltage. So I'm thinking about ordering some (they're rechargeable NiMh). I would run 3 of them to get the voltage up to between 3.6-4 volts. Should get me a little more light without much risk of damage. This also allows me to continue to use 2AA if I want to. I'd have to make a small spacer out of something like aluminum rod. Copper would be preferable due to higher conductivity / lower resistance. But not sure how hard that will be to find locally.

    I found a thread on another forum about one of this company's other lights. It seems that the head does screw off, it's just on very tight due to being torqued down and an oversized o-ring. This is promising, as I plan to replace the reflector with something that throws a slightly narrower beam. The better to blind you with my dear! And a glass lens instead of a cheap plastic one. These 2 simple upgrades shouldn't cost more than $5 and increase the output.

  3. How much recoil does the 4095 have? Flashlights designed for weapon use are designed so the batteries don't compress the contact spring under heavy recoil, if a flashlight doesn't have a strong enough spring they can flash off and on when fired. Some of the LED lights have a momentary switch, the electronics on board are what keeps the light on, not the switch. Some of those stay off after the shot.
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    While I haven't mounted the light on the rifle yet (need to order an offset mount), I smacked the thing around a lot (from sides and end) and shook the crap out of it. So far, seems like it will hold up. I took it to my moms house yesterday because I had to use her garage for some car work. I showed it to her. In her typical "I can one up you" fashion, she bought a 230 lumens, 2AA Maglite (yuck, twisty light) when she went to do some shopping. that thing was a total piece. The lightest bump or shake and it would flicker off.

    Once I pop the head off of this, I can insect the driver board and mod or upgrade it cheaply if I feel it's necessary. I'll also inspect all solder joints to make sure they aren't "cold". I could also get a stiffer spring to put in the tail end just in case of what your talking about, the batteries losing contact. But being it passed the ANSI test for a 1m drop, I'm confident it should hold up to recoil. Mounting it will be the real test of course.

    When I do pop the head off of this light (maybe today?), I will be sure to update with any relevant info regarding construction. I have no problem posting "this thing is utter crap", even if it cost $100. My experience and information is for the gain of any that may consider this product. I would feel better knowing I saved others time, money and frustration rather than trying to prevent my own shame and embarrassment.

    On a side note, Surefires are supposed to be some of the best and be able to deal with the exact kind of thing you're talking about. I've read some pretty unimpressive things about those and they cost what, 10-20x as much?

    When i posted this, I was unaware there was a "consumer review" section on this board. Feel free to move it there if you feel it belongs there instead.
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    Should've gone olight

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    Never heard of olight. Got some links? I'm always open to suggestions and opinions my friend.
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    I have this one on my AR: Olight M20-X Warrior Tactical Led Flashlight by Olight

    Sure, 3x as much, but it's certainly going to out last an ozark, id go so far as to say it'll outlast surefires.

    I carry this one on my person: Olight S10 L2 Baton 400 Lumens CREE XM-L2 LED Flashlight EDC with two EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries (S10 Upgrade) by Olight

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    I don't expect my trusty Ozark to have $100 quality. It is made quite nicely though. Ya know, I used to think Surefires were the bee's knees. But when I started educating myself on LED flashlights, the workings of them, a couple weeks ago, I came across quite a few people that didn't have anything good to say about them. I also found other brands are used / carried quite a bit more often than SF's.

    I'm going to assume you are aware of the risks posed by using two CR123's and make sure that when they are replaced, both are replaced at the same time.

    I may in the future cut this light down to run it off a single 14500 Li-Ion. Not sure. I like the idea of readily available AA's.

    I've also heard that Klarus are some really good lights for the money and a lot of LEO's use them.
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    The baton only uses 1 CR123 at a time, the package deal came with 2 however. My M20 warrior runs off either 2xCR123's or 1x18650. I run 18650 for obvious reasons.

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    to mount the light just use some scope mount rings. over the years of buying scopes and then buying more i end up with a pile of scopes and mounts so i just use the scope rings to mount my lights .olight is a good light i have a 700 lumens .i have a surefire mounted to my bushmaster carbine and one mounted to my 995ts .heres a link to the olight i have
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