Todd Jarrett IPSC Pistol Grip Lesson Video

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Maverick, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Maverick

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  2. Uraijit

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    Yeah, that dude's a pimp. I've watched that video prolly 10 times, and I learn something new every time...

  3. monr3721

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    Wow. That dude can shoot. Good video full of good advice.
  4. vanguard

    vanguard Well-Known Member

    very good ,very helpful, i learned something new about the trigger.

  5. PrimalSeal

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    That one went in my favorites. Great video.
  6. autosurgeon

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    Yeah we watched one of his videos in our CCW class and that stance and hold really works I use it with my c9 and get very good results.. I also shot a berretta tonight and used that same stance and hold and shot to point of aim on 95% of my shots.
  7. Croz

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    Wow. That's some great stuff!

    Problem is watching that thing at work. I want to get my gun and try that.

    Think people in the other cubicles would be concerned if I got my gun and started practicing my grip and draw at my desk? :p
  8. PrimalSeal

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    "He's right over here officer"

    *Mumbled phone conversation..... "Morpheous, how the hell do I get out of this building?" "You are "The One" figure it out for yourself...."*

    ;) :p :D
  9. Croz

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    And note to self... DO NOT TRY TO ROB TODD JARRETT!
  10. His tip about the trigger improved my accuracy and follow up precision 100% I changed my wrist back a little forcing me to use less finger and bam! Instant range hero!!! Well, sort of :-[
  11. crankshaft

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    i tried his grip on sunday and it was amazing i got comfortable with that grip and i shot amazing. thanks for posting this.