Tokarev Magazine Problems

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    I have several Norinco 9mms that utilize the longer Tokarev magazine. When shooting, some of the rounds will nose dive into the magazine and the pistol will jam. I have polished the ramps, ensured the magazine and follower have no burs, and the magazine spring is also installed correctly. The bullets dont even leave the magazine, the 9mm is a shorter round than the original Tokatrev round. So, the bullets run the length of the mag follower and then hit the mag body by the feed ramp. I dont want to mess with the mag feed lips. Should I mill (Dremel) a few millimeters from the front of the mag? Can anyone help?

    I realize that there are better guns to own and carry. However, I really do enjoy the Tok, I just want it to work.:mad:
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    It's a kludge but the usual method for dealing with these issues, particularly when stuffing 9x19 Luger/Para rounds in a 7.x2x25 magazine is to tap the magazine as you load so that the rounds force forward, nose to the front of the magazine, instead of base to the rear.

    You might also need to check the spring pressure. If the spring is "weak" it won't feed right and will tend to nosedives and failure to strip a round from the top of the mag when cycling (resulting in an empty chamber).

    Some 7.62x25 magazines have been "converted" to 9mm by trimming the back end of the follower and installing a spacer at the rear inside of the magazine. These are often considered to be less reliable than the unconverted magazines, but both are known to have feed issues.

    These issues are magnified with longer mags of higher capacity, notably the magazines for the PPS43C but the root cause is the same for both.

    If you reload, you can also try building 9mm rounds which are max OAL, which could help.

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    There's no simple fix for this problem. The one I had behaved similarly. This is why the later 213's have a spacer in the mag well and mags actually built for 9mm.
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    Well, the not so simple fix is: throat job on the Chinese Tokarev frame, polish THEN a throat job, alignment of and lowering of the chamber and feed ramp and polish. So, NOW: 100% reliable Tok, even with HPs. Again, it's not gonna be a EDC. However if theres the Zombie Uprising or Red Dawn Invasion, it'll work. I cant stand having a weapon thats a paperweight.