Tokyo gov publish prep manual (eng)

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    Neat. Of course, the big SHTF thing in Japan is earthquakes, so the material is centered on that. Which is appropriate for some areas in the US, and many of the suggestions apply to almost any big disruption. They don't seem to have devoted much attention to either Godzilla or more Fukushimas, though.

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    They don't need to include Godzilla in the manual. Ultraman will deal with him.

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    Fukushima *is* the prep plan. They purposely pushed nuclear power plants away from Tokyo to Fukushima to the North and Hamaoka to the south. NIMBY at work.

    I was in Tokyo earlier this year for vacation & helping a friend pack for her move back to California. At the local chain restaurant they proudly display a poster showing what ingredients were sourced domestically versus imported. What was not specified was exactly where the domestically sourced food is from.

    Fukushima is a farming region and many farmers have returned to raise crops. However due to the stigma they have fewer customers. Snake in the grass middle man would buy Fukushima produce at deep discount and resale to budget restaurants, the kind that sells cheap beef bowls to students.

    Even high end restaurants and department stores (that sell groceries) are not immune. Back in 2013 it was found that many of them had lied and passed cheaper versions of meat and seafood as more expensive items:


    We talk about prepping for SHTF. The Japanese are still dealing with the aftermath of SHTF.
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