Told to stay away from Hi-Point... again.

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    Little background: In my office, I have two gun "snobs." In our daily discussions, both of them, on separate occasions, have warned me to "stay away from Hi-Point."

    When I say they are snobs, I mean that they only carry and use Sig Sauer, Ruger, Kel-Tech, Kahr, etc...

    I can say with confidence that neither of these gentlemen have never, most likely, fired or used a Hi-Point firearm of any type or caliber. I would guess that their opinions are based solely on word of mouth and/or internet reviews.

    I've stated on here that I intend to purchase a C9 and the 995TS and nothing they say will dissuade me.

    My question to you, my esteemed and veteran Hi-Point owners, is what I can do to combat this snobbery? Is it even worth my time to attempt to?
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  2. easy peasy, Buy them. make sure they work right, go to the range with them and have fun.

    They will come around while they see you loving them. (everyone loves the carbine)

    If you argue they will never see your side

  3. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Offer to go shooting with them. As the saying goes "nut up or shut up".
    Prove your HP works as well as thier higher dollar guns. Hang with them and you can have the power to say your "junk" went round for round with thiers.
    And if they won't, you can call them pu$$ies.
  4. Tomcat1108

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    There will be no arguing.
  5. Tomcat1108

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    This was my intention, except for the name calling.... Have to get my weapons first. I have a step-son starting college in two weeks and that has put a serious kink into my disposable income. :wah:
  6. go with the 995 first. If you end up only being able to get one. Its the one to go with. The 10rd mags from the 995 will work in the C9 But I do believe it doesn't work the other way round.
  7. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    The 995 is actually the most problematic HP though. Your right about the mags, the pistol mags dont work for the carbine.
    The 40 and 45 have almost zero reliability issues. The c9 doesnt have many, but the majority of the reported issues do seem to be with the 9mm.
  8. MachoMelvin

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    I would quit & find another job!
    If these guys are guns snobs, they are probably car snobs, house snobs, food snobs too?
    MoM always said I would be guilty by association!
  9. Outlaw

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    This is like trying to tell a Chevy guy to buy a Ford. Good luck with that. Like they say, buy what you want, enjoy it and I wouldn't even say a word about it to the snobs, unless you have to shoot with them. To me, it's a matter of personal choice as to whom I shoot with. They wouldn't be on the short list. Just sayin :rolleyes:
  10. If you're happy with your Hi Point(s), who cares what a some gun snob thinks? I've got a couple of guns, including 2 Hi Points, that I was told were junk before I bought them. Yet I've never had a problem with any of them except a few FTF's from my 995 (2 or 3 per magazine) but I'm pretty sure that's ammo related (because it only happened with one particular brand of ammo but the primers looked like light strikes so maybe not).

    Talking to gun snobs is like talking to racists or liberals, nothing you say is going to convince them they're wrong so why waste your breath?
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    Tell them not to knock it, till they try it, 95% of these jerks have never owned or shot a Hi Point, they just repeat what their wifes uncles brother inlaw 2nd cousins sister said.
  14. Tell 'em put up or shut up and get them to the range. Bring their guns, you bring your C9 or 995.
  15. histed

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    And since they marry their sister, that 2nd cousin is also a daughter AND a niece. That's what's wrong with country - inbreeding, dang it. And not enough really cheap guns, cuz I've already admitted to that addiction - I LOVE CHEAP GUNS! :rofl:
  16. ArmyScout

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    The best way is to just ignore them. There will always be gun snobs, just like there are car snobs. Can't fix stupid.

  17. when I encounter a snob I always politely ask them if they ever owned one, or even shot one. when they say "no" then I ask them how they can judge !!! :eek:
  18. moona11

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    Take them out shooting have a friendly competition gun for gun. Out shoot them and you get a expensive gun easy.
  19. bscar

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    same thing you do with caliber snobs; ask them which leg they'd like to be shot with your gun. When they balk at that idea, tell them since it's a junk gun, it probably won't even go off, so they'll be ok standing in front of the gun when you pull the trigger. Look them dead in the eyes with a creepy face while you're asking them.
  20. JohanBroad

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    Ignore them.

    That's it

    That's all you can do.

    They will talk $#!t about your decision no matter what it is, unless you buy what ever happens to be their personal favorite.

    Ignore them, and let them run their mouths. Then when you have gotten familiar with your C9, go ahead and show them a few pics of the 2.5" groups you made at 30 feet. :D

    Wait for them to make the appropriate oohs and aahs, and then tell them you did it with a C9.

    If they start trash talking again. just point to your targets and tell them that all their bull$#!t, trash-talk and snobbery won't change the evidence from the range.