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Am I crazy for adding a Tomahawk to my BoB?

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Hawks have always been a useful tool since way back when, so having one with decent steel and a good handle makes a fine addition to the BOB. I had an inexpensive hatchet for a while but it was really heavy for its size, so I ditched it and have been looking for a good quality Hawk to replace it with.

Several online places that specialize in muzzleloader supplies have them, you have a choice of inexpensive to down right costly. Below are two of my favorite online muzzleloading suppliers.



Since you are not worried about historical accuracy of your hawk I highly suggest you visit the tennis department of any sporting goods store and get some racket tape. It will provide a longer lasting, and much better, grip than the textured paint will. Hawks and do wicked stuff to your legs and feet when you loose your grip, so having a good handle grip is essential to using one safely. Being out in the boonies in a survival situation would pretty much mean death if you suffered a major cut from the hawk blade.

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