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    I'm still quite surprised that more people don't go get some training in the use of the Tomahawk as a fighting weapon. Tomahawks and hatchets are common enough items in various Bug Out Bags and in most Survival and Camping rucks. Besides its obvious usefulness as a wilderness tool, it's also a very effective melee weapon. However, like every other melee weapon (knives, spears, swords, etc.) it take skill to use it effectively and skill requires training and experience.

    So what's preventing preppers from getting Tomahawk training? Do they just think, "hey, it's an axe. Hit him with it."???

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I'd throw my shoulder out and cry:(

  3. Hermitt

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  4. lklawson

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    Well, yes, if you absolutely must have a tacti-cool Tomyhock to go with your tacti-cool AR which you blinged out for $2,500.

    Otherwise you buy a good, solid, dependable 'hawk with a hickory handle for $40.

    Those RMJ Tac 'hawks cost more than hand-made 'hawks by custom blacksmiths & cutlers. :p

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The SOG tactical tomahawks are also very reasonably priced. My wife got me one for my birthday a few years ago. It is on the outside of my BOB. I periodically practice the eight cardinal cutting directions with it, with transition between them being part of that. I'm not comfortable doing it outside of my apartment in front of everyone (hello 911, a man is swinging a hatchet...), so that practice stays indoors, in the living room.
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    I've still got my old '70s era Plumb Rigging Axe that I used to use as a framing hammer..... :p

    'course mine doesn't look quite as prety as this brand new one....
  7. Hermitt

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    Didn't the military issue tommys during the Vietnam war?
  8. Hermitt

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    I've got an mtech.... Was only something like 30$..... Seems pretty sturdy so far. ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1422644687.219749.jpg
    Kirk, one of us needs to move......
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    One thing I do have going for me is a certain degree of ambidexterity.... I shoot almost exclusively lefty..... But I throw righty, and run a righty stance.... Lefty kicker too.
  11. Rerun

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    BudK used to sell a set of THREE throwing Hatchets for 29 dollars...

  12. Think1st

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    Hey, Bull, that looks a lot like the classic Vietnam tomahawk concept.

    Here's the one that my wife got for me. I pulled this from the SOG site since I'm away from the house, right now.

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    I almost bought a SOG.... But I saw mine on fleabay, and got a good deal... I need to practice with it....
  14. Bull

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    I've got a buddy that just retired is supposed to start making railroad spike Hawks.... I'm looking forward to that.
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    I've got hatchets but really prefer my spetznas machette clone, so much more versatile. Only thing it lacks is a spike, but it wouldn't be hard to add.

  16. Yes, and they were very inspirational.... :D
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    Well we're a little short on injuns in this neck of the woods. I'd have an easier time finding someone to teach me how to disarm a man attacking with a banana.

  18. Not many special force type offering training either..... :D
  19. lklawson

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    To be honest, it really doesn't trip my trigger.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)