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  1. bigfrank330

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    Have you ever walked into a LGS and found too much stuff
    I just did on Saturday
    The shop is in Burton Ohio
    It is called P&J Arms LLC
    Jim the owner had so much powder I was amazed
    Hodgedon IMR Winchester Alliant Accurate
    1 pounders 8 pound kegs
    More bullets than anyone could ever shoot
    Primers CCI Winchester

    If you live anywhere in the state this would be a worthwhile road trip
    I have never seen such variety anywhere I have gone
    Makes Fin Feather Fur look like they are a hobby store
    I picked up 5 lbs of powder some primers and 9mm bullets
    I will be going back again for sure
    If you take the trip give me a call I will meet up and go with You

    18309 Mumford Rd
    Burton Ohio 44021
    440 834 4706
  2. bscar

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    google maps puts that about 2.5 hours from me. FFF is about an hour from me.

  3. bigfrank330

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    I promise you that the extra 1 1/2 hour trip would be time well spent

    And as an added bonus there is a shooting range within minutes from the store
  4. MaryB

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    Prices? Anyone sitting on that much inventory has it for a reason

  5. For sure, I'd rather go to a shop with empty shelves and hope to find something because you know they've priced their stuff to sell.

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  6. Hot-Shot

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    Same here found Power Pistol in the 4lb container for 79.00 and 1lb of Titegroup for 19.95 at a gun show in PA
    Maybe things are getting better
  7. bigfrank330

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    Now you want prices
    How about
    9mm 115 gr rn CMJ for 95 per 1000
    primers 35.00 per 1000
    powder varied 17- 22 per pound
  8. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    Paying $25-28 1k for primers here right now...
  9. I paid 37 to 41 for primers and Walmart has them for 3.97 a hundred or 39.70 a thousand so 35 ain't so bad. And his powder prices are in line, not the cheapest but not the worst I've seen locally.