took 29 days...

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Quick_Draw_McGraw, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. but i finally recivedmy CCW today. my fience got off work early so she stopped and grabbed it and brought it with her to my work.

    now i cant decide what holster to use to carry my C9 with tomarrow to work lol.
  2. If I may make a recommendation, an Uncle Mike's sidekick inside-the-pants holester is an excellent choice. The #16 fits the c-9 or .380 quite well. I don't know about the 40S&W or the .45ACP.

  3. well i carried around my c9 in my uncle mikes OWB #16 all day today and to and from work yesterday. im already used to the weight and dont notice the weight anymore.