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and i'm hoping it will payoff. i've never used an aimpoint, eotech/buschnell, and decided i wanted to get one for a project i have. after doing some research i decided an eotech would be a definite go, and aimpoint... maybe. found a couple online dealers who had an eotech for $350.00. placed the order, deal done. next day, i discover the aimpoint clones by primary arms, and begin wondering about trying it out. 2 late, or so i thought. i received an email saying my eotech was no longer in stock, and the factory isn't producing them anymore. deal cancelled, no money taking off my cc. i started checking out websites and saw many good reviews about primaryarm's aimpoint clone. took the dive, and made the purchased. got in two days, and everything was fine. good red dot, adj, cover fit like a glove.


BUT... that isn't the only good news i got today. i found a bushnell holo site gen 1 for $100 today, and now i have 2 good red dot sites. I also saved $160.00. ^-^

BAD NEWS.. now i need another project for one of them.. life is good!
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Just make sure you post pics of the finished projects. Life is good for sure man.
i'm looking for the mailman right now. i feel like a kid waiting for santa. pics will be posted ASAP.
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