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The way I read this, to me it means that we should all be able to be trained in the use of our firearm(s) & given basic training in military drills.
I wish each State would take the responsibility to offer a training course in the use of firearms & drill exercises. It sure would cut down on crime if the criminals knew most people could handle their weapon with at least minimal skill & that they knew basic tactics.
Dude... that would make too much sense, and the poliTICKs around the issue would never let it happen.

I had this same conversation with my neighbor:
We (I use that loosely for some of "us" folks) are a simpler people, with less greed, more decisiveness, and too much honesty. I hate to tell you, and the others here, but... "We will not make good politicians." We are simply not wired or trained to trample the little people, be two-sided, and fill people's imaginations with smoke and mirrors. I debated on going into politics (Running for Mayor) but decided against it, simply due to talking with the current Mayor about current issues. Being at the top isn't as pretty as one may imagine, and I cannot be trained to go against what I know is right. :)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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