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  1. Hope this is the right forum but if not please move. As some of you may know Pa doesn't require any class to get your ccw permit but I felt as a responsable gun owner I should take one and learned alot more than I thought I knew, alot of things have to happen to be justified in pulling your weapon and using it when in the streets. but what I got most out of it was weapon retention and I found a vid on youtube of the exact same techniques this is for as the instructor said " open carry idiots that still think its the wild west" :lol:

    also we learned a last ditch disarmament method for when SHTF here it is on youtube [ame][/ame]
    also the trainer was a former police officer so I got to ask questions about my future career 8)
  2. Congrats!

    Some people think that sitting in a class is B/S but in my opinion its a great learning experience even for those who think they know everything already. The most important aspect of my CWP class was the legalities of when/where and why you could employ deadly force. My instructors were a currently residing bench judge (also a former cornor) and a retired LEO from our area. This made the class very interesting from the legal point of view and it was well worth my 8 hours and nominal fee to attend.


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    Congrats on the class
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    " open carry idiots that still think its the wild west"

    Nice, lets divide us gun owners just a bit more....

    Congrats on the class!
  5. good move. good deal. good info.
  6. I believe this is a true statement just because its legal to OC doesn't mean you should if you have no weapon retention training and 99.9% of these people don't so yes it makes them idiots and irresponsible gun owners
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    I would say that 99.9% of people who open carry also have a concealed carry permit which means that they have had a weapons retention course. so it is that .01% that you are worried about.

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    Congrats on the class. Good for you!
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    Congratulation on the class. Everyone needs to review what they know and learn someting new.

    As for the hate on open carry- I don't get it. I raised my children in rural Arizona and open carry is common. People are used to it and it's not an issue. There was even a barber who carried a revolver on his hip everywhere he went. If you had him cut your hair, he did it armed. Armed citizens exercising a right are not a problem.
  10. A armed society is a polite society
  11. well if you live in a state like Pa all you need to open carry is be 18 no training required and like police friends of mine have said their is no reason to open carry and it makes you a target for a criminal and also in Pa you dont have to take any class to get your CCW permit
  12. Good links.

    I believe some people need training, while others do not... former military and LEOs, for example. So, I'm kinda undecided on that issue... I see a need for it, and, yet, not a need for everyone.
  13. Congrats on the CCW - I did and am doing what you are. I'm not former anything, except gun non-owner. So I take every class I can, I shot often, I do metal target fun competitions so I can move, hide, shoot, move some more, and all that stuff.

    Not sure I agree that a person OC'ing becomes a target.... I'd think just the opposite. But that's just me.

    There's a whole website dedicated to PA open carry and folks "testing" the system. I'm in the camp I don't care if someone OC's - that their right. I don't cause I'm not interested in wasting my time explaining it so someone - I've got better things to do. And I want the option to NOT use my gun if the opportunity presents itself to make a decision.

    Just some thoughts - not looking for big debate. Anytime there's another responsible CCW person about, I'm happy about it.