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Congrats on the CCW - I did and am doing what you are. I'm not former anything, except gun non-owner. So I take every class I can, I shot often, I do metal target fun competitions so I can move, hide, shoot, move some more, and all that stuff.

Not sure I agree that a person OC'ing becomes a target.... I'd think just the opposite. But that's just me.

There's a whole website dedicated to PA open carry and folks "testing" the system. I'm in the camp I don't care if someone OC's - that their right. I don't cause I'm not interested in wasting my time explaining it so someone - I've got better things to do. And I want the option to NOT use my gun if the opportunity presents itself to make a decision.

Just some thoughts - not looking for big debate. Anytime there's another responsible CCW person about, I'm happy about it.
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