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Took my 995TS out for the first time.

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I finally got my 995ts two weeks ago and I took it out today for it first meal and it ate it all and wanted more. I fed it only reloads and it was 100% reliable! also tried two loads that I didn't think would work 100% and they were flawless.

it ate 150- 115gr fmj standard velocity rounds(loaded with w231), 25- 124gr high velocity fmj flat nose (loaded with power pistol), and 25 of my prototype 158gr lead swc subsonic loads (also loaded with w231). no signs of pressure on any of the loads.

it was very windy and my target stand kept getting blown down after a few shots so I put some targets up on the 200yard bank and went for it. (zero'd in at 100yds btw) and to my suprise the 124gr loads were only a few inches low at 200yds!!!! :blink: the 115's and 158's both needed a few feet of overhold to try and hit the target (was going more for a function reliability at that point)

all and all I was happy of the results. no jams, to ftf's, and no blown up gun. what more can you ask for.

next outing i'm going to load up my ~2000fps 90gr gold dot load and see how that goes. :angel:
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glad your first outing went well.i took my ts out for the first time last week with blazer brass and it shot flawlessly also.im itching to go back out again.its realy a great and fun gun to shoot.
i'm just glad It functioned without any issues. I took my ar15 that I just built and it's got issues. I don't think the carbine length gas is working well with the a2 buffer/spring. wouldn't cycle for crap. with federal xm193, wolf or my reloads. put the ar back in the case and played with the 995 more.
Took mine out last friday to sight in the red dot site this is the final groupsing at 50 yrds.

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