Took my C9 and 995ts to the range.

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  1. I finally had time to get to the range last night to shoot my Hi-Points for the first time. First up was my C-9,the trigger was smooth and I was able to hit everything I aimed at. Next up was the carbine, man does this thing shoot nice and I really liked the iron sights. I was on the fence about picking up a red dot sight but I think I am going to just use the iron sights for now. The only problem I had on both guns was getting the first round to chamber on a few of the mags. I loaded 2 of the 5 mags with ammo when I got the guns last week, I guess I need to load the other 3 and let them sit. I am extremely pleased with both the C-9 and the 995ts and I can not wait to take them to the range again. I forgot, I was shooting Freedom Munitions 9mm 115gr fmj (new).
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    Sweet! sounds like you had a great experience. I don't have any of the hp pistols, but I do love my carbines. An absolute blast to shoot!

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    Howdy Burns....what range did you go to? I'm in NJ as well, and usually go to Gun For Hire in Woodland Park. Nice facility, clean, friendly staff, gun store next door, snack bar/cafe on site, WiFi. Very nice place to shoot in north NJ.
  4. I am down in Ocean County and I shoot at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor. It is a gun store and an indoor range. It is a new range gun store that opened this past October.
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    Thanks Burns! I will have to check it out next time I head down there to south Jersey. I go now and then to AC, but its been a while since I made the trip.
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    What are you waiting on?

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    I didn't think you guys in NJ were allowed to have guns, much less shoot em.

    Glad that you had a good experience shooting. I don't have a carbine, but I have shot a 9mm chrome one a few times, it is fun to shoot. And you have to love the C9
  8. Welcome! Glad you had a good experience. I'm looking forward to buying a box of Freedom 9mm reman in a few weeks. I shot a box of 50 back in March and had no ammo related issues. Their prices on brass case ammo are outstanding. They seem to be a great company with a quality product.
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    I've been about through 350 rounds of 115gr FMJ re-manufactured. No failures in my 995TS or Stingray. Didn't get to test it with my Nano, that's sent back to Beretta.

    I'm buying again from there when I see another special. Maybe some factory new hollowpoints if I keep the Nano.
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    LMAO....we can have guns in NJ....but only allowed to shoot them on the sixth weekend of the month!
    It is truly one of the most restricted states to live in.
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    Sixth weekend of the month? How many weekends per month do you guys get on the east coast???:)
  12. That is great as I went to the range today also with my new 995 and older C9; both worked super. The C9 was flawless and in the 10 zone @ 40 feet. What a great shooter. The 995 went bang with out any problems right out of the box. No tweaks just loaded the 2 mags I have a week before I went to the range. The only thing I did was place a Holographic red dot sight to help aging eyes at 75 feet ( longest distant at the Indoor range) 5 rounds to setup the sight and right on in 1/2" groups. It is a point and shooter. I point it at the target pull the bang switch and the "Boolets" hit consistently where is aim. Two guns of fun one type of Ammo Life is good. The only down side is after 200rounds I was out of "Boolets". Hey Burns I lived in Freehold NJ until I retired and moved to Sunny Arizona and I know what you mean about when and were to shoot. Good shooting to all from the desert.
  13. Sounds like you had a good time and glad to hear you made it out of this place, I hope to be back in free America some day!
  14. Took them both out to the range today and shot half a box of freedom and 4 boxes of federal american eagle 9mm and I did have quite a few FTF and couple of FTE on both the carbine and the C9. This only happened with the federal, I wish I brought more freedom munitions ammo with me. On a good note I had the range to myself and some much needed me time. When I brought the C9 out I did get "is that a HI-Point" from the RO, I was like YES it is! :D