Took my C9 to work with me...

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  1. I work unarmed inhouse security...took my C9 to work and left it in my car (actually what I bought it for)

    Showed it to two other firearm enthusiasts...they said "Cool"

    Asked me "How much?"

    I told them "$150 out the door"

    They said " :shock: No way, what? Used?"

    I said "Nope, new"

    They said " :shock:" again....

    Their both going to get one.... :D
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    The cheap pricepoint was one of the reasons why I ended up buying a C9 AND a 995 for a straight trade of a taurus .357. I was driving a cab then, and needed a more compact but inexpensive weapon for work.

    Turns out, it was perfect!!

    But, and this is just my position: Take caution if your job description is "unarmed" and you have the C9 with you. In some cases, if something happens and the police discover you do have a firearm, any actions you take will be considered aggressive no matter how much you were in the right and any position the company would have in regards to your actions might be non-associating. Not trying to be Mr. know it all, but I'd hate to see a guy loose his job over a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo.

    The only reason I carried a gun at my job was because I leased my cab from a transit company and therefore was considered self-employed (no bos...*sigh* I miss that). Granted if anything happened I was left on my own, but at least those are odds I can understand and prepare for legally.

  3. Been in security 27 yrs....know how to CYA...thanks for the concern though.

    Rather be tried by 12 than carried by six....
  4. I work both armed and un-armed accounts doing private security. I recently had to guard a bank that had just been robbed and the smart people that came up with the contract made it an un-armed site long story short I threw my kel tec in my jackett pocket and figured that if it came down to it and I needed to use it would be there. Like NRAJOE said I would rather be tried by 12 rather than carried by 6.
  5. I know a lot of guys who do security work at both armed and unarmed sites and when they are out alone at night on unarmed sites they often have their CCW handy. Some of these guys are very senior in their respective companies so I guess its very common among folks who do security work to carry their CCW's when they feel it necessary.