Took my CCW class today.

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by elguapo, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Very informative class. I learned alot about the distinction of crimes, situations, etc. I guess, the biggest clarification was where I could carry, how to react after a shooting. The shoot part was pretty easy: Took us longer to drive out to the desert to shoot, than it did to qualify. I went through 50 rounds pretty darn quickly. Granted, I never shoot my weapons dry (total of 22 rounds in the magazines) I had a full load of three mags left full of ammo.
    He is offering another "Advanced" class in a month or so, and I am thinking about going for that one as well.
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    Welcome to the AZ CCW club.

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    good for you, ccrry wisley
  4. Congrats to you.

    Input - I've taken every class our club offers and the least I got out of one course was some 1:1 time with two Marine instructors talking techniques and stories. That alone was worth the class. To me it's worth spending as much time as I can with folks who know more about handling / shooting, like LE and our military brothers and sisters.
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    +1 az ccw club.My instructor was a dps guy.He said about carrying in a posted no gun zone like a mall or restaurant that if there is no problem no one will know but if there is a problem.....Anyway congrats homie!
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    congrats, I am glad that I got mine.
  7. elguapo,

    Congrats! Carry wisely and be safe.

  8. Good stuff Elguapo, what do you plan on making your primary sidearm? I am guessing the 1911 eh?
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  10. Way to go. Carry well, carry safely.
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    Yes, the 1911. I have a Fobus paddle and twin mag paddle for it, and used it; I just have to get used to wearing them. Tommorrow, I send off the application packet and money, and by next monday I should have my card in the mail.
  12. Good stuff bud! You should check out the CQC Serpa holster that Taurus and I both have. I love that damn thing. It's a paddle or belt mount holster, but will conceal nicely with a large shirt or jacket. With a T-shirt it prints too badly, so it wouldn't work that well.
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    Thanks really is alot of responsibility. I liked the fact the whole feeling I got from everyone there attending, had thier head upon thier shoulders, and noone was smoking and joking like this was everyday things...
  15. It's great once you get ur cwp. I got mine once i became an armed guard. Congrads rock on and stay safe.
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    Kudos on getting your CCW. 8) Have you decided on your main CCW piece? It's all good.
  17. Hi, had another thought….. when I got my CCW, I sat on it for about a week. What? Me, carry a gun? Then I suited up my first time and then decided to carry unloaded for a bit cause I was nervous. I was also worried about printing - I was sure everyone saw me and the gun. After a bit, I carried loaded, but none in the chamber. After a bit more, I carry hot. And now, I carry pretty much relaxed. The biggest difference I see now, I’m more alert whether I’m loaded or not. It’s a great reminder to stay alert and ready no matter what.

    So the point was for me……. The piece of paper was/is just that. It allowed my process to start and for me at least, it took about 2 months before I could say I was comfortable.

    Best of luck and stay safe!
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    And that alone will keep you safer than the vast majority of people.