Took my daughter to the range

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    We have a new plinker.

    I took my 8 yo daughter to a gun show over the weekend. She enjoyed the show - wanted a pink .22 Crickett. Mom vetoed the idea.

    After the gun show we went home and packed up for the range.

    She practiced with the Red Ryder BB gun (she had fired it previously) and we reviewed gun safety rules.

    Next, she graduated to the .22 rifle which she really enjoyed.

    She fired a few shots from the 995 but had difficulty pulling the trigger.

    I held my Glock 19, she fired one shot and promptly announced that she did not like it (she didn't like the recoil). We will try a .22 pistol next time.

    She returned to the .22 rifle for the balance of the afternoon.

    The range was not crowded and this afforded us the opportunity to check our targets/discuss gun safety/shoot on a leisurely basis.

    Good Father/Daughter time. Now we're working on Mom for a youth .22!
  2. My daughter is about to turn four, still too young for a gun, IMO. However, I have already chosen the pink .22 rifle that I want to get her when she is old enough.

  3. BTW, I greatly look forward to this type of Daddy/Daughter time. We're watching Zoboomafoo right now.
  4. I hear you, my granddaughter will turn 4 this summer. I have a very old western field single shot 22 i have redone so she can learn to shoot with it. it was her great great granddads. I have had to hand make a fireing pin and extracter for it but it shhots so very good. and is a little rifle for a little girl. cant wait for her to get a little older
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    well... maybe this will help convincing the mother that a cricket 22 is a good starter rifle for the young one... got some pics showing my 7 year old with her little pink 22.. she loves it! and she totally follows the rules... she will take her time and line up her shot BEFORE she even puts her finger on the trigger.

    Here is a pic showing the size difference between a regular 22 and the cricket 22:


    And here are the pics of her with the cricket 22:





    And this one is her holding the spoon she shot from 25 feet with her cricket!


    And yes... she even got to fire my little lorcin 22 pistol:


    So... maybe by showing a mom these pics , it can be argued (nicely) that even kids (7 year old ones at that) can fire and have the respect for a firearm all the while having fun and at the same time being totally safe.

    Plus... a PINK Cricket 22 goes great with hawaiin shirts!
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    Very cool, indeed!! I took my boys to a gun show recently, and there was pink cricket there. I threatened to buy it for them. My boys (18 and 13) told me if I did, no way they were gonna shoot it. :lol: Looks like your daughter is off to a great start. :D
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    Thanks for the replies.

    We had a good time and she is off to a good start.

    Instead of a Crickett I am thinking of getting a 10/22.

    This opens a couple of options.

    I could cut down the factory stock and when she grows into a full size gun we could simply get a replacement. Only problem is I haven't figured out how to refinish the stock in order to make it pink!

    If pink is not an absolute necessity I might fit the 10/22 with an adjustable (tactical) stock. Then we could both enjoy the new toy.

    Either way the 10/22 purchase is an excuse for another plinker!
  8. gregj

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    A 10/22 is a most excellent choice. I have one, and my boys have a blast shooting it. There's a couple of things that are a little cumbersome on it for beginners, like the mag release and the slide lock. But all in all it's a nice gun, with a LOT of aftermarket stuff available for it.