Took out my 45JHP today

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by topgun368, Apr 19, 2014.

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    What a great day to shoot in michigan. High 60s today perfect weather. Shot 50 rounds through my gun today some red box federal fmj some tul ammo fmj 15 rounds hollow points. Every thing shot great on target no fail to feeds or jams. Used three different mags and all worked great. Shot one hornady critical defense flex tip bullet at a 1/2 inch safe hanging from a tree and that door fell right off it's hanging post I had it on. This gun was the best purchases. I even loaded the mag with 9 rounds as worked great. I have been reading on here how with 9 rounds it would have a hard time feeding but today it worked great. Can't wait to shot again soon. Would have shot more rounds today but I was also shooting my Montgomery ward western field 12 gauge bolt action shotgun. And a few other guns but my hi point is by far my favorite to shoot

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    Busting cap with the JHP is a great past time. I take mine shooting when I get out with the 4595TS.