Took out my 995

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    Well this is the third 995 that I have owned over the years. The other 2 I had and sold while in college and right after! So I made my mind up that I'm not ever going to let this on go! This one seems to shoot alot better then the others Ive owned!
  2. How did I miss this post? Holy crap dude, quit selling your guns!!!!

    Oh and welcome to the forum!

  3. ive been there too man , its easy to sell them an use the money but i always regret it too
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    A good friend told me once "there are two things you never get rid of: land and guns". I own some really good guns and I like to shoot them all. But my first time at the range with the 995 was the most FUN I've had with a gun that I can remember. I love to shoot the 995. Put holes through holes at 25 yards after I get the sites adjusted. A little more spray at 50. Taking it out again tomorrow to tune it in at 50. It is one of my favorite guns. Got the goods coming from bushman and going to get the ATI stock. Like I said, I love the gun.