Took out my new C9 & 995 today

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  1. Just returned from a nice morning at an indoor range I just found out about. I bought a 995 yesterday and wanted to function test it before I swap it into an ATI stock. All they had was the camo-stocked, scoped version. Since I don't care much for a scope on a pistol caliber rifle, I stuck on a 40mm red-dot that I recently took off my AK. Loaded up the mags, took a bead on the target, and made a nice 2" group low and left. Since I'm changing out the stock and pit. rail, I didn't bother to adjust it, just poped in another mag and let fly. Changed my POA to compensate, and another very good group. No FTFeed's, FTFire's, FTE's at all. More than pleased with it. So, I switched to the used C9 I picked up last weekend. After a few sighting in shots, very nice groupings. All previous shots from both were using Monarch green box ( brass cases ) ammo. I figured it was just about as close to garbage ammo as I could get ( read cheap ). Boy was I ever wrong. I pulled out a box of WWB from wallyworld, and reloaded the mags. Hung a new target, took careful aim, and boom. Suddenly the nice 2" groups opened up to just being somewhere on the paper. I was shooting silouettes that instead of having rings, had a big dot for the heart, with about an 8"wx12"t box around it, with the dot at about 3" from the top. 2 full mags thru the 995, and all were in the box, but I could have done the same with a load of buckshot. Back to the C9, same thing, no surity from one shot to the other as to placement. Thought I was going nuts, loaded up the mags again with WWB, same result. Reloaded with the Monarch, back to crisp, tight groups. I've always shot Monarch from my JHP ( way cheaper than the WWB in .45 ) and was more than pleased with the groups, but I figured the WWB would be better. Guess not. Seems all my HP's prefer filet of Monarch. I guess I'm not the only one thats discovered Monarch ammo, cause all of the stores that carry it are bone dry.

    Just my experience, YMMV......