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So I had issues with manual ejecting after my ATI Conversion......but fired 100 rounds at the range yesterday and not one failure.

The gun fires flawlessly and so much more solid with the ATI Kit. I added a Barska 3-9 Illuminated Scope as well, what an amazing gun it's turned out to be.

Don't be afraid of the all the issues you hear about the ATI stocks, it's totally worth it, and I literally knew nothing about gunsmithing or working on guns.

Here are some pics, also added some pics of my new AAC Aviator Suppressor for my Walther P22.


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Is that the Barska 3-9 x42 illuminated tactical scope for AR-15, 9 inch length?
How is that scope?
This is the Scope's link http://barska.com/ac10634.html

I think it's great. I was literally writing my name in targets at 20 yards (only had a 25 yard range....sigh), and for $58.99, it's a great scope. It's overall length is 9.8inch.

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