Took the c-9 to the range today

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by thehop, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Hey I just wanted to give an update. I did the "fluff and buff" on my feed ramp and just ran 100 rounds through. No problems on the ftf or stovepiping. The only problem I had was loading the initial round from the slide lock position. Seems my mag isn't tight and needs some tweaking. However, that said, the no ftf problems that I was having prior to doing the "fluff and buff" seems to be cured. Still a great bang for the buck. Btw I'm curious as to what everyone is paying for their Hi-points? I paid $99+$7.50+$7 for my c-9 and $175 for my 4095 which also came with 6 boxes of ammo. I figured that really cost me $102 if you take out the cost of the ammo. Funny thing is I could by one of these used every week from a local web site here. Seems people either love them or hate them.
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    Welcome aboard, and great post! Sounds like good prices to me.

  3. You got excellent prices on both weapons, congrats!
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    I got my c-9 for$99+tax but that was a few yrs.ago.
  5. you've done well all around......... way to go!
  6. Good prices congrats!!!! Shoot the crap out of them!!!!!
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    I am jeolouse of those prices good deal partner.
  8. Man you got some great prices. I paid $136 for my C9