Tool of the Month: A $1575.00 "Rare" Polish Mosin-

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    WHATEVER this guy must be smoking is probably the best stuff from the old country. The prices on his site are litteraly 5 to 10 times HIGHER than anything I've ever seen, and every gun of his is claimed to be "ultra rare". My girlfriend found this guy after looking for a Polish version of her rifle.

    No coincidence that the guy's name is Schmidt? Sure is full of it.....
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    must be a realtive of Jack Schidt and Fulla Schidt.


  3. Re: Tool of the Month: A $1575.00 "Rare" Polish Mo

    I would guess the caliber makes it more rare--- 7.92 X 57-- not sure it makes it worth 1500 bucks---

    oh well-- if he gets that much, then more power to him.. :shock:
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    I wonder if I could go to big five and harbor frieght, pick up a M44 and some stamping dies and mod one up? Hellofalot cheaper than that.
  5. If you scroll up and down the page, you'll see some of the worst price gouging ever posted on the internet. This guy must really be proud of what he's got and I doubt anyone would ever buy anything from him. What a tool.