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  1. I have had a couple people ask bout the rail on mine, so I thought I would repost the topic.

    Chef Dennis can pitch in here as he has done one also.

    I saw the rail stock on Ebay, also available from here - for about $30, and thought I would give it a shot.

    It worked out pretty well, it does flex with the cover if you warp your hand around it, but left to float, it doesn't move enough to mess with the front sight, though I wouldn't mount an optic forward of the receiver. Total cost would be as much as the whole rifle with the iron sights included, but there are option to that to bring the price down.

    For the black rifle guys, it does co-witness with the ATN Ultrasite shown in the lower quadrant of the sight.

    The company above sells in precut length of 16" rail and is long enough to go the length of the stock forearm, I cut 3/4" off the front and still hung it over the back 1/4 to 3/8" .

    I left it float because didn't want it any harder to disassemble than it is with the ATI stock, which is why I left it float. The top handguard just has enough room to slide in under the rail so you can take it off without having to loosen the receiver cover 1st.

    I drilled divots in the bottom to fit the bumps on the receiver cover, drilled an extra hole in the center of the receiver cover and used 3 10-32 button head machine screws into tapped holes of the rail.

    The rail comes raw in the white, you need to finish it, anodizing would be great, but I didn't have hat option, I used Brownell's baking lacquer.

    It really isn't too technical of a project. Some trail and error fitting so the rail stock sits flat and solid. I bought an extra receiver cover, which was a good thing since it fit tighter. Just make sure the holes drilled in the rail are centered so the rail is straight and take care when tapping the holes in the aluminum.

    Just a couple side notes, the rail on the bottom is just polymer rail stock from Falcon industries, I installed it flush to the stock, the forward rake doesn't bother me on the forward grip.

    The barrel shroud is a 10/22 barrel shroud I ran across cheap, I reversed it, removed the swivel band and clamped it down withe the set screws.


  2. Man, I remember this one from the old forum. God, that's a beautiful job, brother. I just can't sing it's praises more.
    Chef Dennis did a great job on his too. I think I'm going to order a spare cover and see what I can do. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right? :D

  3. Heh, its a gun not a work of art, have at it. :)
  4. It depends on who you ask my friend. I personally think some guns ARE works of art. And yours fits the bill.
  5. Chef Dennis

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    Onepoint covered the mod great, Basically the only difference in our installations is that I use the factory front sight base as a support against the front of the rail. I remove the "sight" ring, turned the base around backwards and drilled into the front of the rail to install a small screw. I have since messed that up and broke the drill bit off in the rail! But with that I also found that the screw really isn't needed, just "jam" the sight base tight against the rail and tighen it down, it works fine and the rail does not move at all.

    As Onepoint said, with the rail you can "co-witness" BUIS with a scope. I use a EOTech and GGG rear iron and a MI front iron, thet work together great.

    Here you go!

  6. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I want a rail like that on my standard 995, is that at all possible?

    Anyone ever ventured with putting an AR carry handle on a 995? that would be a sight to see lol
  7. Possible, probably look goofy though since you have to keep the front sight on.
  8. Pumpgunner870

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    Chef Dennis,

    Love the use of the front sight as the front rail support, I plan on using your idea, excellent use of existing parts sir.

    I did have a question about it. With the front sight at the front of the ATI stock in that configuration is it still possible to use the internal laser for the ATI stock or will the front sight interfere with it?
  9. griff30

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    Nice foregrip!