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  1. Admitedly, I"m paranoid, and so I welcome other explanations, but...

    I frequently email my brother; some of this news relates to firearms, and some is other BS. Suddenly, in the past week or so, my messages to him bounce back as undeliverable. Huh?

    Today, I called him, and he has 1) paid his ISP bills, and 2) not changed his email address. On looking at the history, it appears that _maybe_ (not confirmed) messages that mention firearms are bounced, while those that do not go through. So: let's try an experiment!

    I sent two messages tonight which were worded the same, except that, in the appropriate place, one contained words such as 'bunny', rainbow', and 'sunshine', while the other substituted 'gun', 'firearm', AK47'. Somewhat to my surprise, they both went through.

    BUT, later in the evening, when I sent an informative, and unintentionally evil note containing a link to a known terrorist site (the Bryco-Jennings-Jimenez forum), it once again bounced back.

    Thoughts, suggestions, chastisements? I welcome all!
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    PM Sent.
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