Toro Snowblower Carb Question

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by histed, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. SWAGA

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    Same thing that messes up generators.
    Folks buy one, try it out and put it away. Three years later cometh the end of days and the thing won’t run.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I was there when the ice storm hit in 2011 just before the Super Bowl. I slipped on over to Paris from Lancaster. You don't have salt out there for the roads. I got a little East of there and it was dry. Picked up at Campbell's soup and went to Associated Grocers in Houston and delivered that night. Woke up the next morning and Houston was a sheet of ice! I didn't move that day.

    My lawn tractor and my weed whacker have never seen ethanol. I just use non ethanol. I also dribble 2oz of Marvel Mystery oil per 5gal of gas. Not for stabilizer. For ring wear.

    Change the fuel lines. Ethanol eats them from the inside. The plastic filters too.
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  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    God save us all from people with AWD that think they need it for 2" of snow that will be melted in an hour.:rolleyes:

    We get two inches, and we literally don't even slow down. In a few minutes, it's all blown away by the truck traffic anyway.

    My daughter was in Vegas the year they got snow for Christmas. Good year to be in the auto body business.
  4. SWAGA

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    Kinston SC, winter of ‘14(?)
    Ditches were littered with vehicles and fast food restaurants were closing.
    Not sure if a state of emergency was declared but sure AF people didn’t know how to drive.
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  5. Rachgier

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    My burban has that selectable AWD feature. Great, rear wheel drive until there's wheel slip and it turns in to a FWD. I think I used it once, just to make sure it engaged properly.
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  6. Rachgier

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    I drove from Binghamton, NY to Wake Forest, NC and I spent 8 hours stuck on I95 during a storm that dumped a foot of snow. I was driving an old RWD thunder chicken and passed dozens of idiots with AWD and 4WD vehicles parked in the ditch.

    2011 maybe?
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  7. SWAGA

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    Wasn’t quite that much, maybe 4-5 inches of snow followed by a little warmer then a really cold day and night that turned everything into a skate park.
    The only place still open was a Boyangles.
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  8. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    2010. Snowmageddon. 15" of snow in DC.
  9. mr_flintstone

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    I know I’m late to this, but it could also be something stuck under the needle of the float. That will (assuming it’s a gravity fed gas system) allow gas to seep out of the air intake and drip through air filter. This is easy to check. Take the filter out and smell of it. If it smells like gas, check the float.
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  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That "melt then freeze again" cycle is bad, bad news. AWD and 4WD isn't any help when there is zero traction.
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  11. SWAGA

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    Go on, take their side.
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Who's side? I'm saying you better be able to drive, or have sense enough to NOT drive, because that jacked up mud crawler with lockers and a turbo diesel will slide just like a naked fat man on a greased water slide.

    And no...that isn't from personal experience.:p
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  13. Think1st

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    We called it the Snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse when I was stationed in SC in 2014. Snow in the South is different from other places, and it isn't just because people can't drive in it. It's because southern snow gets a nice layer of ice under it, and they don't have assets to clear it.

    They shut the installation down for a few days when it happened, and we were home for the three days preceding a four-day weekend. When I left to drive to Florida at the beginning of that weekend, it was still a bit of a mess. As soon as I got onto I-77, I saw a few stationary vehicles on the shoulders with their headlights pointed the wrong way and a few patrol cars stationary with their overheads going, processing reports. That was before I'd even cleared the onramp. There were a lot of jointed road sections passing over washes and creeks, all of which stayed frozen while the rest of the road was dry. People didn't know to lift off of the foot feed and coast over those, so they were spinning out. It was a serious mess.

    Homie don't play around when there's ice. I learned my lesson on I-80 a looong time ago when I'd been driving through bad stuff for about 10 hours and then encountered clear roads going through Indiana. It was at one of those jointed road sections where black ice made me spin out. I even coasted and steered into the skid like I'd been doing all night, but that one time, steering into the skid did no good. I got lucky and only needed a tow truck to pull me out of a ditch and had to have my tire cleaned out and refilled because the bead had popped while I slid sideways in the median. I thought I was going to flip. I got really lucky.
  14. MaryB

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    Fuel line might have a pinhole and it is usually above the carb bowl.

    Driving on ice is no problem, just have to anticipate things WAY BEFORE you need to do them. Like stop. Had to catch a flight out of MSP to Vegas for some slot machine repair classes and roads were ice the entire 120 mile trip. I made it fine, dodged a few idiots that didn't know how to drive, saw a LOT of them in the ditch.

    Had one idiot not paying attention behind me that would have rear ended me if I hadn't drove into the ditch, I saw him not slowing, cranked the wheel right and stomped it. He blew through the intersection and just missed t-boning a semi, semi looked like it may have left paint on his rear bumper... I had 4wd so just walked it back out of the ditch onto the cross road and turned back onto the route I was on.
  15. Rachgier

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    Yeah, no problem, just anticipate. Like when you're driving a fire engine on level ground on a straight road using the trans brake to slow down and suddenly you're taking up 3 lanes of traffic on a 4 lane road, sliding through a red light and your crew in the rear facing jump seats are telling you what oncoming traffic is doing...

    I hung my mic on the "Y" chain for the Big Chiefs, buried my left foot on the switch for the Federal Q, flipped the master for all my emergency lights and said, "hang on boys, shit just got real."

    Barely an inch of snow over a skin of ice. Went from rain that evening to freezing rain overnight, to snow in the early morning. It was like driving on ball bearings.
  16. SWAGA

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    That’s the one.
    I was working out of Kinston that week.
  17. histed

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    Well, Rach hit it first time. O-ring between the bowl and the carb body is both dried out and nicked. One place close by that has every part for ever small engine ever made is closed this week for illness in the family. Tried a couple other with on luck. Got two more to go tomorrow, then it's off to the net to order a couple of new ones.

    I remember a snow storm in Beckley WV in '74 - January, I think. I was down there with a guy from Pealo (?) Minni-sota. We took his Malibu out just to see how bad it really was. Never spun once. Worst mess I ever got into was in Buffalo in the late 70s, but that wasn't snow. 20 below with a wind chill near -50 (weather station said). Diesel turned to grape jelly - must have been 50 or more trucks stopped in the the interstate. Police transported us to a hotel and had the truck towed. Got going about noon the next day. @TNTRAILERTRASH - I saw plenty of rigs either jacknifed or on their sides on 80 between Clearfield and the OH border in the 80s. Bad juju on that road
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    Snow is just another day. I don't worry about till its measured in feet.
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  19. histed

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    You got any yet?
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  20. Worst one for me was the April Fool's Day blizzard in 1997. Snow was predicted, but certainly not in the quantities we ended up getting. I was living in central mAss at the time and had a two-hour commute to Gloucester on the northern mAss coast. My car -a little 1985 Dodge Omni automatic- was fitted with studded snows on all four corners. Knowing there was going to be a storm, I set my alarm for 4 AM. Woke up, yep, snow, not too bad. Called into my workplace's "Snow Line" and the recording said, "Yes, believe it or not, we are open". I figgered I was good to go, and since I was already awake, grabbed my coffee and off I went. Snowplows and sanders were out and traffic was nil, so I made good time until I reached I-95. Then it started getting bad, and then when I got on Rt. 128 it was really really bad. I started zig-zagging around stuck and stopped cars on the highway and finally decided I needed to exit. But every. single. exit. was blocked with stuck cars and trucks and I couldn't get off the highway. I didn't dare stop, keeping momentum up was paramount to avoid getting stuck so ended up going all the way to the end of Rt. 128, and I arrived at work at 8AM, which was my normal starting time. There were two cars in the parking lot. Turns out nobody bothered to update the "Snow Line" message -Real nice. People who lived in right in Gloucester proper called in and said they couldn't make it to work that day, LOL.

    The company bought me lunch for my troubles. And my boss chewed my ass for a) being stupid and b) making the locals look really bad.

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