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  1. Has anyone actually did a torture test on any of the hi point models to see if there was a point of failure. Since most of the places i go say its anywhere from 10 to 1000 rounds.

    I have personally put 1200 through my hi point 45 APC and it looks as good as the day i paid 129.00 for it.

    I see where the big guys have to renforce their libido's saying their guns can fire 750,000 at one setting and not be cleaned and resold as new.

    I was just curious if anyone out there has taken then time to see what a hi point is capable of?
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    If your talking about a torture test like the XD test. Then No...

    While Hi-Points are great guns for the money, they are not on the same level of a Glock or XD. Hi-Points are simply not designed to take that type of punishment. They are designed to be a basic entry level, functional, reliable, and cost effective firearm, nothing more... Trying to recreate those test with a Hi-Point could prove dangerous.

  3. no not to that extent i know dragging it through mud..ect. would not be good in the least .

    but a test to prove that the gun can digest not 20,000 rounds but half that to prove that maybe their a little more than preceived.
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    I have over 4000 rounds through my 995 carbine without a hiccup yet. I do clean my 995 after each outing, and I normally blow though 200+ rounds each trip.

    I know GlockMan has way more than that though his 995s. He has probably put more rounds though it over some training weekends than anyone.

    From the XD torture test:

    If you were to pull the trigger on your handgun once every minute--that's 24 hours a day, seven days a week--it would take you more than 333 hours, or about 14 days, until you reached 20,000. In their boxes, 20,000 cartridges weigh about 600 pounds. Just the projectiles (each at 115 grains, or just over a quarter-ounce) weigh a combined total of 329 pounds. If you were to fire 20,000 rounds at a rate of one box of 50 cartridges per week, every week, it would take you almost eight years.

    If anyone says they can fire 750,000 rounds through their gun at one setting and not be cleaned and resold as new. They are a complete idiot and do not know what they are talking about. I don't think it would be possible to fire 750,000 rounds in one setting unless you had a GE mini-gun!


    If you fired 1 round per second it would take 12,500minutes or 208hours (8.68 days) to fire 750,000 rounds. Thats one LOOONNNGGGGG sitting!
  5. When I get mine if you send me the ammo I would be happy to test my to the limit :)
  6. Well from what GlockMan has stated before, he's got at least that many rounds through his carbines, and I don't know how many rounds out if his pistols....

    Personally, I know for a fact that my brother Joe has 12K rounds through his C-9 without a single problem. He's even used it on duty in the Army. He had one of his Platoon Sergeants ask him about the gun and so he brought it to work one day. Well, needless to say, off the the range they go. It, *of course* fed and fired every round just like it should and never jammed one time.

    No, this wouldn't classify as a "torture" test, but that's all I can offer you as to answer the question at hand.
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    :? Um, Just to let you know it is Not alowed. Zero tolerance, to use a non issue fire arm in the millitary, IE he took it to Iraq. The only exception to the rule is SHTF and he picked it up to defend himself.

    As for state side, On a duty like staf duty or Brigade duty he might have brought it but I am possitive he did not tell many people.

    Geneva Convention. :idea:

    :arrow: Not starting an argue ment of any kind, Just sayin if I were to have brought My C-9 in uniform I would have had UCMJ on my butt ASAP.

    So if he did take it in I would suggest not telling everyone. His first line supervisor may be on this forum. :lol:
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    Also if you have a CCW you still cannot carry while on duty. That is unless the regulation changed since today.

    My wife had to be Councled on all this before she goes this saturday to get her CCW.

    That means you cannot show up to work and have your peice in your pocket.

    If you are in uniform you cannot have it on your person. It may be (depending on post regulation) have it under the seat. Fort Riley does not allow this.

    These are DOD regulations and not DA regs.

    DOD department of defence. DA department of the ARMY.
  9. Yeah, my bro had to jump through all the hoops that day too. When the range master found out that it was a POW *Personally owned weapon* that my brother had, he almost didn't let him shoot it on the CATM range. However, my brothers Platoon Sergeant and the range master were neighbors, and so..... Yeah...

    If I'm not mistaken both the Platoon Sergeant and the range master bought themselves a C9... I don't remember right off the bat, but I think they did....
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    Well I am glad he didn't get fried,

    Just trying to keep a bro out of trouble.
  11. Very true as a full tourture test i presonally dont see running out and throwing my smith's, or my mauser m2 in the mud then in the freezer and seeing f it can chew through the rounds.

    I just bought this gun in the first place cause it was cheap and wasnt expecting much and over time i find that i have to do alot less actual babying than with the Smith's and espicially the Mauser. And have the same amount of enjoyment if not more.

    I just like having the somewhere to point and say "Hey guys, yeah I paid 1/5 what you did do the same thing and have to put alot less up keep to keep the good times rolling so quit flapping your pie holes.
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    Well I haven't done any form of official "torture test", but I have:

    -Spilled coffee on it twice
    -Banged it around in my work bag for nearly a year
    -Subjected it to sub-freezing to 120 degree temps
    -Had bounce down the road at 75mph on the US60

    And it still fires perfect and looks great!
  13. You won me on the US 60 it runs through where I live and if it in the same shape I've seen whole cars yea I think we have our torture test :D
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    How did you manage to drop it on the highway?
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    personally i think torture test are lame.... ive had 1000+ rounds through my .45 with no problems. i dont plan on being frozen and thawed out in the middle of a shootout or ran over by a bulldozer. take care of you gun and it will take care of you.

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    EXCUUUSE ME!!! Not the same level as your [spat] XD or a [spit spit] Glock? Hi Points are the same level if NOT superior!! Nothing basic level about them they handle and shoot just like the "GREAT" name brands :evil:
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    Been in sand storm in shoot out. I don't think My C-9 would servive. Or any other High point hand gun. I have full confdence in the carbine though.

    So ya, Torture test amkes a lot of sence. High winds rain storm. Xmas thug and sub zero temp.

    A high point is a great gun. Not in the same category as an XD or Glock.

    So right now I am going to put my C-9 in the freezer. pick in a few min.

    Primalseal I am seriuose bro. give me a few,.

    Not going to do my xd. it has been tested before.

    edit to add:

    Iam doing this for the why not factor. It will be fine I just don't expect it to pass a functions test till it thaws 100%.
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    Here it is in the freezer. willl ad some water and the ice maker is on mre pics to come.

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    Sorry man, but its true... Hi-Points are great guns, don't get me wrong. They just are not AS good as a Glock or XD. That does not make them bad or junk, as they are an exceptional value for the money.
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    As good as HP are, I still have always had a hiccup for 1 or 2% of rounds. Failure to feed/eject/fire always occurs. Now, it could definitely be me limp wristing or a mag feed problem. But... as I peruse the REAL tests of guns, this seems to be normal. If you believe otherwise, do an observed test and give the results. Shoot your gun 1000 rounds and see for yourself.

    A "gun" is a system of human, pistol, ammunition, magazine. They are rarely perfect, even with all the bragging otherwise. The THR test (that I cited in a different thread) shows this to be true even among the top-end guns. People do not, in real life, shoot thousands of rounds without a hiccup. When put to the test (and tests have been done over and over), virtually all fail.

    Why is there all this bragging in the gun world? I went to the Appleseed this weekend where thousands of rounds went down range. EVERYONE had some problem or other at some time. EVERYONE. If someone says "my gun never fails", there is about a 99% chance that he is a liar. Sorry folks, but its the truth in what I have read and what I have experienced.

    All that said, the Hi Point does fine. No better... no worse.