Tough Stuff - A few C9 shots

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by vtjozef, Aug 19, 2014.

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    Just a quick note. My Hi Point C9 has over 5,000 of my reloads through it. About a dozen burps, but only with aluminum cases/nylon bullets. I have numerous guns, some very pricey, but the one shoot the most, and have the most fun with, is the C9, the working man's gun.
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    Hi-Points serve several roles quite well for a very low price. I like some of the more expensive name brands (Sig, Glock) in addition to H-P, but the no-frills brand from Ohio runs with the big dogs in accuracy and dependability.

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    When you live in Ohio and can support a 100% USA made and Ohio made gun, then the Hipoint is a no brainer. I love that they are an Ohio company and that I can support them. For me, there is nothing to dislike about my Hipoints, they have never failed me yet.
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    I Agree

    I agree with all the comments.

    I took the C9 out to the backyard range today after I put on a set of David Mehan sights. Now mind you, this sight was one of the originals before David made them available to the public. I just never got around to trying them out after Dave sent graciously me one.

    I hope the new generation sight has a better method of windage adjustment. I needed to go all the way to the left with the sight as the C9/me was shooting way to the right. The left tapered adjustment pin moving inward into the sight went so far that it no longer was useful for adjustment. It went all the way in and the only way to get it out was to remove the sight.

    I like the sight but using 3 different size allen wrenches to make adjustments in the field is not a pleasure. On the contrary, it is very frustrating and makes the outing less than pleasureful.

    Anyone know if the new generation 3 sights have a better taper on the 2 pins for windage? Or, a better method of adjustment.
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    NE Utah
    You don't adjust the sights in the field, you adjust at the range. Then don't mess with them again.;)

    Its extremely odd that the gun is shooting so far off center. Is the slot for the sights off kilter or anything?

    And lastly... contact David. I'm absolutely certain he'd want to help you out in some say, as soon as he knows there's an issue.
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    More on David's sights/take down

    I did adjust them at my range, sorry if I implied otherwise. I dislike the method of adjustment. This requires 3 separate Allen tools. I did not have any issues with adjusting the stock sight.

    On a different note. My Hi Point, now about 6 years old, upon take down, has the take down pin not perfectly in line with the notch in the slide. Not any news here. Hi Point suggests that owners put the 1/8 inch punch in at an angle and then straighten it out while punching the pin. This doesn't float my boat - a bad technique? Has anyone used a Dremel took to make a circular cut heading to the back from the pin on the slide on both sides to clear the pin?

    You would think Hi Point would have resolved the take down/pin issue by now.
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    Plenty of people enlarge the cutouts on the slide, no big deal. It doesn't bother me.

    They are not going to have completely new molds made for that tiny issue.
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    It wouldn't be a big deal, I suppose, to have the factory setup a jig with a grinding bit to "fine tune" the slide with one stroke for both sides. No matter. No big deal.

    I ground, enlarged, the notches this morning with a Dremel tool and a small circular diamond bit. Came out well. I used Oxpho-Blue to color up the ground areas a bit.