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Trade my Wasr 10 for an AK?

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I got the following offer for my Wasr 10 today. Wasn't looking to trade, but I really want a Mini 14... help? Opinions?
Waiting on picts from him too--
-below is his offer--
I have a Ranch Model Mini 14 with a Choate folding stock, barrel mounted flashlight, side scope mount, red dot scope, harris bipod mount adapter, claw sling, 3 Ram-Line poly 30 round mags, 1 metal 30 rd mag, 3 metal 20 rd mags, and 1 factory 5 rd mag.

What to do??
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oh hell no. you cant run away from that deal fast enough. if you traded youd be giving up the worlds most reliable weapon for one of the worlds most UNreliable rifles. my mini shot fine but i never (NEVER) got through a mag without a jam unless it was the factory five round mag or an eagle poly 10 rd mag. also accuracy is signifacntly questionable (even the new models with teh damper still suck from reports ive read). you are also taking a step down in caliber, spare parts availbility and overall usefullness. Dont walk away RUN AWAY!

Agreed with SW.

I would not trade an AK for a Mini 14. BTW the Mini 14 is not an AK no matter how dressed up it is.
I would love to have a Ruger Mini 14. BUT, I'll be (bad word) if I'd would trade my AK for it.

In other words.


Don't walk away, RUN AWAY!
Well, I own both, and would not part with either. My mini shoots better than my Wasr, with 2 40, 3 30 and 3 20 rnd mags that never give me any problem. ( I do have a 3rd 40rnd that is nothing but problem, so it stays unloaded ). I shoot both .223 and 5.56 ammo in it, even though its only really chambered for commercial .223. But I can't fault the Wasr either. Got a big bag of 30's that always work.

But I do have to agree with the concensus, don't make the trade. That is, unless you have 2 Wasr's.
Here's another vote for keeping the WASR. I couldn't ever part with my WASR, even though she's not real pretty and isn't the most accurate rifle in the world, with the recoil buffer and holo sight I can keep great groupings even in rapid fire at 30 yards or so. And as far as reliability goes...once I got all the cosmo out of my mags I haven't had any trouble with jamming.
Hard call I have both. They are both dependable fun shooters but honestly I would trade my mini for another AK so whats that tell ya
I'm a broken record on this subject, but here goes anyway. Unless your financial situation dictates otherwise, don't sell or swap an AK, especially for something that is common, made in the US, and relatively easy to get.
There always seems to be a boatload of Mini-14's available on gunbroker.
All of the previously very affordable AK's on the US market are a mixture of US made and imported parts. Without turning this into a political thread, I'd still like to point out that a simple executive order could stop the flow of those imports. The same thing happened to the cheap chinese made versions of the SKS.
I remember when those could be had for $50. Now they cost about the same as what WASR did last year.

putting the broken record away now :)
Well, I am doing it. I found a guy with an unfired Mini 14-Stainless-- with 2 Ruger 20 rounders. I delibertated about it, and as the WASR is a BOTB Ak, I felt the Ruger was a better deal for me. Mainly came down to what I liked better and what felt better to me--That is what gun ownership is all about--

SO on tuesday, I will part ways with the WASR and say hello to my very own Ruger Mini 14 SS...

I don't feel too bad-- sorry to hurt some of y'alls feelings! :cool2:
Hwy dude if your happy about it thats all that matters they are really good rifles mine has been a blast .
*does tactical face palm*
I'd keep the WASR. I sold mine a while back to fund an AR-10 and I kinda regret it....kinda.
:'( :'( :'( :'(
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