traded my .45 even up for C9 !!!!

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  1. I decided I needed a smaller gun for under the seat and that I wanted my wife to have the stopping power of the .45 if someone came in on here while I was out of town working !

    So I traded with her :lol:
  2. makarovnik

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    You both got a good deal!

  3. I traded my 995 to my wife for her 4095. Im not going to tell her that I think I got the best of the deal ;)
  4. A sensible trade.
  5. neothespian

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    Don't worry....they're two different guns for two different applications so you can't go wrong either way. I got the .40 (same frame as the .45) for home defence and as a "Field" gun (Usually for the car's glovebox or the bike if I'm on a long-distance drive outside of the city), and the C9 is a great conceal carry piece for around town if needed.

    At least you got two of 'em in the house....can't go wrong with that!
  6. Strangerous

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    I hope you don't ride around with a pistol under your car's seat... If you do it's just a matter of time until you are in trouble.
  7. Strangerous,

    Different states have different laws concerning legal carry inside the vehicle. In SC an under the seat carry would be illegal with or without a CWP.
  8. unwired

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    when we lived in SC you could carry in the center console or glove box of your car

    KY you could carry on your dashboard

    OH you can carry on your hip but not in your car or on your bike and even maybe your horse, ughmm :roll:

    best to check your local area, with the Constitution a favorite chew toy of communists everywhere them times they are a changin'
  9. Next time trade the wife for two :)
  10. urotu

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    Depends on where you're at. Here in New Mexico that's perfectly legal, even without a CCW. They consider your car an extension of your property, so as long as it's in the car, you can do whatever you want with it.

    We're also an open carry state. You can carry on your hip about anywhere. The rule is , "no banks, no bars" :lol: Otherwise your good to go. You don't see it real often, but every once in a while, you'll see s dude packing, especially here in the more rural areas. I see a younger guy with something on his hip at the local flea market most weekends.

    Harley, good trade man. The .45 is a bit big to really tote around. Besides, it's still always there when you're home, and really, are any of the guns truly hers? :eek: :D :lol:
  11. My ex would quote Heston with a "From my cold dead hands" and dare you to suggest that "her" gun was anyone's but "hers" lol. I don't mess with a woman and her guns... those that own 'em and love 'em like we do would act like you're trying to say "our son is MINE, not yours" lol.