Trading for a SCCY???

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by tallbump, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    Would it be crazy?

    Thinking about trading my C9 and my JCP for a SCCY.

    The LGS where I bought both also sells SCCYs.

    I paid about $160 2 years ago for the C9. It has less than 200 rounds through it. I have an extra mag and it has a Joey's keychain.

    I just bought the JCP this February. Paid $190. Only has 50 rounds thorough it.

    Thinking if he will take both and give me the SCCY and maybe a box of ammo?

    Seem reasonable?

    I got teh C9 as my first it for home defense, carry , range, etc...

    Got the JCP to keep as home defense and range and am using the C9 for carry.

    I really don't get to the range as often as I'd like, maybe 3 times a year.

    The SCCY would fill all my needs. I love the JCP but I never get to shoot it. I like my C9 well enough, but I would rather carry something lighter and higher capacity.
  2. The SCCY is $239.99 brand new at my gun shops. Why not just put some money aside and buy one and keep your HPs?

  3. mawguy

    mawguy Sheep Dog Member

    Second generation SCCY are OK now. First generation had problems that were corrected. Just make sure it is the CPX-2 model. Made in America by some ex-KelTec guys. What's not to like?
  4. Back2School

    Back2School Member

    Crazy no. But why get rid of 2 to step down to 1?

    My brother is crazy hot for the SCCY since they are made in Daytona (he wants to move back to FL so bad its driving him crazy). I held one and it seemed ok but nothing great to me. I wouldn't want to loose too much money trading guns. I have seen my brother do that. A LOT. wasted a lot of money and still end up with almost nothing.

    Any reason you cant do something like a lay away since the SCCYs are not that expensive? That way you will not lose too much $$$

    If no where else you can do lay away on Buds... Like 10-20% down and have 3-6 months to pay it off.
  5. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    At $250 or under, I would just save up and get one. I have owned 2 SCCY's, and will probably get another. BUT NOT at the cost of my HP's!
  6. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    The law a way or save options would just take forever. I still need to get a scope on my Mossberg so i can see if I can use that for deer. If it doesn't work, I'll need a rifle.

    I also still need a .22 for small game.

    I can get away with one pistol, but since I really need to hunt I'll need the deer gun and the .22. Right now, as is, I have neither.

    But I am kind of tired of lugging around the C9 and like I said I never get to shoot so the JCP is a safe queen right now.

    When I bought the JCP I had every intention of using it. I love pistol shooting. I like the JCP more than the 9. But I have only even had the $ to get one box of ammo for it. So, to sacrifice two pistols to get one all around one is a reasonable sacrifice to me, as I think now.

    But I also wanted some outside opinions before I made a foolish decision
  7. It isnt a horrible deal if that what your asking. If your trying to be financially careful i would ask for at least some ammo with the deal. Your two guns used are about $250 cash private party and a used SCCY is $200 cash used. If you can get a box or two of ammo then do the deal. The good thing is you can pickup another HP pistol down the road for $125 used or less.
  8. geekandwife

    geekandwife Good ole Boy Member

    I would try to get a Kel Tec P-11 or pf9 for the trade of two. But the copy cat SCCY isn't horrible.
  9. cktvt

    cktvt Member

    Dewiejr's strategy makes sense. Another way to spin it would be for you to offer just one HP for the SCCY and some of your ammo (the other guy obviously has guns and probably needs at least one type of ammo you have). You could even do an all-ammo trade for the SCCY. Ammo can be gradually replenished but runaway guns almost never come back. ;)
  10. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    Sorry, guess I should have been more clear. I am wanting to see if the LGS that sold them to me and also sells SCCYs will make the trade.

    I would do a private trade, but wouldn't even know how to find someone to do it.
  11. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Armslist & Facebook have buy,sell & trade gun ads ALL day long!
    Lots of negotiating going on there!
  12. panoz77

    panoz77 Member

    I have a SCCY CPX-2 and it has been flawless. I also have a Kel Tec P11, I like the SCCY just slightly more, it has a little better ergonomics. But that being said, I wouldn't make that trade, no way.
  13. Why do you need to scope your mossberg?
    regardless of the trade i would say save your money on the scope and hunt in the woods.

    under 40 yards in the woods a scope usually just makes it hard to find the deer. also the vitals on a deer are pretty easy to hit at about 70 yards with open sights. i hunt with my 20Ga, slugs and open sights for years in the woods.

    ever since i sold my .308 your moss 500 will do the job if your in the woods
  14. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    I have a JH 45 and a SCCY. I would not get rid of either one.

    As far as the SCCY goes, all new SCCY pistols are Gen2 whether they be the CPX1 or CPX2. The difference between the two is that the CPX1 has an external safety. They are identical in every other aspect.

    Some people say that they are clones of the Kel-Tec P11. Panoz, you can stand by me on this one. They are very similar, but not clones. Some parts will not interchange.

    Another tidbit about SCCY: Their customer service is actually better that HP's. Hard to imagine, but it is true. I ruined the receiver in my SCCY by breaking a tap in it (long story). SCCY replaced it. They even paid postage both ways.
  15. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    U have absolutely, no, zip, zero, nada sighting system of any kind on it. Just a hole in the front of the barrel where the bead should be. And, of course, the whole isn't threaded, so I can't even screw a bead in.

    The receiver scope mount is about $22 on Amazon and I have $15 in gift cards coming. So the $7 difference is in my budget. Between that and a roughly $50 scope I have a decent deer gun. I am leading more towards a red dot now though. (unless someone wants to sell me a deer rifle for about $60 :D)

    But agian, I like my C9. FOr the price I got it for it has served me wll and I have no complaints, per se, except it's weight and bulk. Since I carry it almost daily, I would prefer something a bit more "practical."
  16. Sorry sparky, i shouldn't have assumed your 500 came with the standard bead that used to be on it.

    Just trying to save you some cash, i know you haven't been in the hunting game all that long. lots of people assume they need a rifles slug barrel etc..
  17. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    No worries. I got the gun free, so I can't complain. If I even end up with $100 into it between eh mount and sight, that's still significantly cheaper than a deer rifle.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    I have a friend who had a JHP and a C9. He sold them both for a SCCY gen 2. He carries it everyday. The only problem is he can't hit * with it.
    Both HPs were superbly accurate, the SCCY is not.
  19. panoz77

    panoz77 Member

    The SCCY is not a range gun, it is a self defense gun (akin to belly gun) and not made to hit **** outside of 30 ft.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    These observations were made during a run and gun we made on his land.
    The pistol targets were no more than 10 feet away and fired at during stress.
    Out of 5 shots at a silhouette never did he put more than three on paper.

    In comparison, my JHP never left the 9 ring even while running sideways.