Traditional Black powder, No Inlines, No BS

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    This site is for mostly enthusiasts of Blackpowder arms pre 1865. They have a lot of good links to manufacturers and good discussions, Many that debunk myths related to the effectiveness for hunting and the myth that black powder will go boom from static. Good Ballistic info good hunting info too. Enjoy.
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    These folks are also very knowledgable, however, they also are less snobbish about inline weapons, and some of the newer electric ignition weapons. If you are a re-enactor then muzzleloadingforum is very good, but as has been stated they are death on anything that is ignited other than side-lock, or an occasional matchlock, and maybe an underhammer.


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    Been a long time member there, when it comes to muzzleloading i'm a traditionalist. Only place you can find decent info on handgonnes and wheelocks.
  4. Been a member of MLF for about 3-4 yrs now and its a gold mine of knowledge when it comes to shooting muzzleloaders. I have a TC .32cal Cherokee, TC New Englander .50cal and TC Hawken with both .45 and .50cal barrels. All I shoot is patched round ball from my guns and I have a blast with them.