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Training Day for my Zombie prep group.

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My two brother in laws purchased their first guns last year an just about never used them. I keep telling them that they need to get more practise before the zombies showed up, but they haven't. I had them up to my back yard range and measured out 50 yards. I had my Mauser 98K and WASR 10 as well as the .22's. one brother in law brought his .308 enfield and the other his RPK. We were shooting from a picknick table which made a serviceable bench. The brother with the enfield just installed a 3-12 power scope, but once we got it close to zeroed, it was all over the place again. Turns out he didn't tighten the scope mounts enough.... back to step one. We got it pretty close (we didn't get it perfect since we will reset it at 100 yards in a few weeks.) but that took most of the day. My other brother in law did pretty well with his RPK, but he is not good with the basic functions of it, he had to be reminded to cycle a round into the chamber at the start of each mag, and it took him forever to change mags. I better get them in shape soon. On the plus side every time they pick up a weapon they checked the chamber to make sure it was empty, and every time they set it down they left the action open so I could see it was empty, so the most important lessons I taught them did stick.
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Funny story...
My son has some toy guns and he was playing guns with his cousins. My wife told him" remember not to shoot people, only bad guys" My son says Bad guys and Zombies right? LOL Like father like son.
nice, they aren't going to shoot themselves.
Here is a bunch of zombie haters http://www.zombiehunters.org/forum/
Here is a bunch of zombie haters http://www.zombiehunters.org/forum/
It's also full of some incredible a holes who don;t know how to take a joke considering they are in a forum about zombie's I go there occasionally but I stay pretty fer from the firearm forum, those guys make ME look sane.
I'm a member of ZS forums, and I have noticed a lot of gun snobbery there. It upsets me sometimes when some one brings up HP's and the "snobs" get their collective panties in a twist.
my big problem with the ZS forum is it is full of know it alls that will disregard your personal experience if it gos against what they herd from some guy.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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