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    So I keep hearing people talk about transfer fees when they buy a gun. Getting one from out of state I can see bit if you buy in state your paying a fee? I've never ordered out of state and here to transfer a gun you just go to your LGS and fill out the paperwork no fees. Now if I bought one off CTD my LGS would charge $10 to due it but here if you both go in together its free. A lot of people will not sell to you unless you transfer it over. So its free around here. Is ND one of the few places you can do this?
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    NE Utah
    No, not the only place.

    In fact, in Utah, we don't "transfer" anything in state, private sales require nothing, the FFL only gets involved in gun sales from their own inventory, or transfers from out of state. Fees for transfers from out of state run $10-$50 depending on who you use.

    NICS check is $7.50, unless you have a carry permit, then it's still checked, but it's free.

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    California, if I buy a gun off a friend, we have to take it to a FFL, they hold it ten days, I pay a fee then pick it up
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    Yea... in PA we have those. In Philly, where I live, its anywhere from $45.00 to a whopping $70.00 (which includes NICS) - That's why the FFL dealer I use is closer to were I work, 50 miles outside the city and $20.00 transfer. This is usually, as Ajole said, from out of state purchases. Long guns can be done FTF no fees required but handguns must be transferred via FFL or county sheriff’s office (which I have never done).

    If you purchase a rifle or handgun from your local LGS they usually don't charge you that stuff though (at least the ones I frequent) except on handguns they will charge you $5.00 for the State Police - Application/Record of Sale Form (SP4-113).
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    FTF private sales in Missouri = nada re: fees or FFL

    Most FFL eat the fees when they sell the gun(s).. Not sure about how it owrks where you live, but here when ATF says "proceed," you can literally buy every gun in the store if you want.
  6. Wow, this is all insane. Guess I got it lucky.

    I can buy a handgun, rifle, or shotgun anywhere in the state. At LGS it $5 for check, and nothing for private sales. Either way no waiting for any of it. Out of state is just shipping for C&R and $35 for anything else to LGS (plus the $5 for check).

    You poor bastards.
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    And walk outta the store with them
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    I know even kommiefornia seems like Valhalla to a Brit, but there are better places for gun owners my friend! You will be welcome in my backyard anytime! Just leave Piers Morgan out of state :D
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    Yeah the out of state thing sucks. To get my Ruger .22 back from my dad it was $30 fee on his part to send and $40 on my part to receive. If we met in person no fees, but I wanted my pistol back and didnt know when I was coming back to FL.

    Now I tried ordering on Buds (long thread on here about my FFL issues) and the only FFL who would would let me receive it in FL (and they were not very consistent) was Gander Mountain. They wanted $75 to transfer it. No other gun stores in the area really cared enough to look it up and just said no. One that tried to help referenced a book from 2003 that said Kansas and FL dont reciprocate. Only 11 years out of date :)

    Either way lots of $$$$ for simply saying yes you can have this gun. And in KS I have a CCW which is supposed to mean no need for a check, but everyone does it anyway. Even though my BGC is less than 6 months old. GO figure
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    That sucks for a lot of you. I have friend that when I get a gun from him makes us go and transfer it to me. Costs nothing but time so its OK we both like to shop there anyway. I have never sold any of my guns so was just wondering about it. Plus I can buy from the factory with LEO discount and there's no fees because it goes to the department first. Kel Tec is great for getting guns from with the discount and you get any model they sell .
  11. In Alabama, no transfer fees with in state private FTF transactions. Out of state FFL transfer fees usually run $20 - $35 in my area. No waiting period in this state for purchasing a firearm. Just show ID, fill out paper work, pay for it and walk out the door. :D
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    I haven't ordered anything from a company inside Ohio, but to have a firearm shipped to me, it has to go to an FFL where they charge whatever fee they feel like. Some might charge sales tax on the transfer fee, others won't. I've seen anywhere from $10 to $75 for a transfer fee.

    No time, in ANY gun shop I've bought from, charges extra to run a check when you purchase from them directly. This is why I like to check websites before I buy a gun locally. If I can get the gun cheaper from the website, including transfer fee and shipping, than I can from the shop with sales tax, I'll gladly wait for the gun to ship to me. Though it helps if the shop has the gun I want in stock so I can fondle it before price checking
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    In NY FFL's can charge up to $25 for a "transfer fee" for any sales that occur in their store. Most shops just charge a $25 flat fee for all sales transactions since EVERY sale and person to person transfer requires a NICS check now.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Store up the road now charges $40+$10 for the back ground check. It was $25 when I got my JHP. They lost my transfer biz.

    I have bought several used pistols and transferred them where I bought my Glock. $25+ BGC. They actually charged me $25 for 2 transfers from 2 different shippers in the same day. ;)