Transformers - My 15 nanoseconds of fame

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  1. Some of you know that Transformers the movie was filmed on location at Holloman AFB... Here are some pictures of me and my friend Tanner with Barricade and Destroyer.... Hope you Enjoy!








    I tried to take pictures of Bumblebee, but they wouldn't let me take the pictures, as it was a camera free zone. The "New" Camero that they had for the "new" Bumblebee was also a Saleen. I had a great time, and volunteered as much time in the Auto Hobby Shop as I could working on those cars... They really didn't let me do much, but it was fun watching it all happen. A guy that lived across the street from me was Josh Duhamel's stunt double... It was a really great time to be here at Holloman... When they shoot the sequel, they are coming back here to film it. I can't wait!!!!

    I also met Michael Bay when he Premiered the movie here at our Base Theater... That was pretty freakin' cool as well.
  2. Some people have all the luck. :wink:

    I love that tank, that is what they would look like if I was a army designer LOL

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    anybody else notice that tank was the same one used in "triple-x state of the union"?

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    way cool :D
    any perk you guys get is well deserved
  5. got some pics of the two mustangs and old bumblebee. Will hafta dig em up.
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    nice, looks like a blast
  7. i bought that movie when it came out on dvd. it is seriously Bad A**.
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    Way Cool!
    PrimalSeal, Which one are you? Dark shirt or light shirt?
  9. I am the one in the light greay colored shirt. The other guy is my buddy Tanner... He's deployed right now... I miss that crazy bugger....
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    Cool, can they actually see you on the screen?

    They filmed a bunch of it here at Edwards too. They shut down the main road to the base for half an hour at a time for a full day just to get one shot. The part where they all pulled a quick U-turn to head to the dam, that was here at Edwards. There were skid marks all over the road. A lot of the hangers that were marked "NELLIS AFB" were here too.

    Wasn't in this one, but my personal credits are:

    J.A.G. (full bird marine colonel in mess dress at embassy party) episode 63, and yes Catherine Bell is much hotter in real life than on T.V.
    Chicago Hope (doctor at convention)
    Senseless (basketball fan)
    Baseketball (fan)
    Prey (courtroom attendee)
    7 days (homeless man)
    Spider (college professor running from giant spider)
    Jackie Brown (man in mall)
    and about a dozen other miscellaneous T.V. shows, commercials, and movies.

    Minimum wage and all you can eat. And maybe you won't get left on the cutting room floor. Lots of fun.
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    Some people have all the luck!

    Did you get to peek inside the tank? Was it made of ply-wood?
  12. Looks like they borrowed an Abrams tank and put some fiberglass or sheet metal on it to me.
  13. Pretty cool, we have an author and a actor in the forum!

  14. No, that tank was solid 3/4 inch steel. It even has all the tank controls and everything. They wouldn't let us go inside of it, but it's seriously badarse...

    And Yes Silicon Wolverine, that is the same tank that was in Triple X: State of the Union. They made the tank for that movie, and used it for Transformers as well... Anyone else notice that a tank doesn't have, or isn't supposed to have 2 turret guns, or was that just me?
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    transformers=the ultimate bug out vehicle 8)
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    Very cool stuff, guys! I might be in the background during a shot in the new Eddie Murphy film they were shooting here...


    As for Transformers, I found this awesome background elsewhere...

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    i was at wal-mart at midnight on the 15/16th. this is one of my all time favorite movies (big comic book geek here).

    whats this about a sequel?