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  1. Has anyone gave any thought to getting a few traps ? We have a few Conibear #110 . The Size is - 4½" x 4½" apr. They are great traps , but you can get a finger broke if you are not carefull . The first time I set one I put it in a tree with a low hanging branch and forgot to secure it to the limb, well I must have caught something and when it snapped it must have fallen out of the tree . Along came a dog or something and took his dinner and my trap and I have not found it to this day. There is a few different sizes of the Conibear , but I think that the 110 is about ideal for what I would use it for. The good part about traps and snares is that you can set them and be doing something else and check them a couple times a day.
    I found the ones that I have at a hardware store.
  2. When I was growing up we would run a small trapline each winter, but have not messed with them since. I did try some snare's a couple years back for the local squirrel community and have to admit that if I were depending on them to feed me I would have starved. Finally got the pellet rifle out and went to town culling out the squirrels that were killing my pecan harvest.


  3. That is why I posted this , my skills in hunting and fishing leaves a lot to be desired , and I would starve also . Now is the time to practice those skills and see what we are doing wrong .
    On a side note the pellet gun that you mentioned would be a good adition to your food gathering especially if you lived in the city. There is a lot of squirrels and pigons in the city that could feed a person for a long time.
    My father would tell me that during the depression that they would go bird hunting with their slingshots and what they killed would go into a pot for supper.
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    Not to start debate about animal cruelty or something. But traps, snares are cruel and indiscriminate deal plus illegal here... I'm not going to use those unless fighting for survival :) Still its a survivalist obligation to know how to build and setup those so continue...
  5. I'd have to skip a few meals before I went after pigeons. Mourning doves, maybe. Maybe I'm silly but the idea of eating city pigeons... I'll be robbing a Ramen Noodles warehouse first.

    I, too, have the "knowledge" to trap game, but haven't had much opportunity to test it.

    I actually toyed with the idea of purchasing a rat trap and seeing if it'd work on squirrels. Anybody want to weigh in on this?

    I can make a halfway decent snare, I suppose, and a few variations on deadfalls. Traps seem a little too heavy to carry with me so I'm limiting myself to snare-wire and traps manufactured in the field. In a survival setting, I'm going after the largest game I feel I can bring down. That way the effort pays off bigger dividends. However, I certainly see the advantage to setting traps and having them work for you while you are busy elsewhere.

    I have two different fish traps in my kit. One is the yo-yo style and the other is the spring wire style. It seems to me that these and other survival fishing methods would be the most reliable means of food gathering in the field. I'll most likely be on the move and tossing a yo-yo line into a lake and a couple of wire snares on trees for squirrels will be all I can manage. The yo-yo setup can also work on rabbits and squirrels.

  6. Pidgons, rats and small children are prime table fare in the urban setting!

    Pidgons and rats are best roasted on a spit but most people prefer the kids french fried. Or is that now "Freedom Fried"?
  7. A peigon by the name of Squab is high class eating.
    Remember that 99% of what you can't eat is in your mind .
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    I've thought about adding several 330's to the gear stack cocked and hung in a tree with an apple on it and oyu've just fed the block with venison for the week.
    An old trapper taught me that one.
  9. There are ways to trap animals that isn't cruel or indiscriminate towards the animal, such as the have a heart trap.

    You have to remember one thing. If you are trapping animals, that means things have gotten pretty bad as you can't survive on what you have been scrounging/hunting for. These animals are going to die to feed your family, so what's more cruel? Trapping them in a snare where they experience some discomfort temporarily so they can't get away and then shooting them, or trap them in a safe cage where they aren't injured at all and then shooting them? If you're going to do it, get it done. I don't like the act of killing, because I can take life, but I can't give life, only God can do that. However, if that's the last option that I have instead of starving to death, screw that animal, out come the traps and snares.

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  10. A lot of plans on the net for cat/coon/possum type box traps, or purchase them from feed stores and store them now. They even have folding ones, easy to carry. But then you have to dispatch what you catch, waste of ammo, chance of injury.

    Tomahawk Live Trap Company;
    Is a company I have used for years, highly recommend them.

    If it's a catch it or starve situation, small backbreaker/butterfly traps are best, instant death when captured. Google them to see how they work and where to find them. They can be baited with table scraps, set off the ground on table or ledge so you do not catch a skunk, they will supply you with tasty possum, coon, or? If set over night. Use parts of last nights catch to catch tonights.
    Rat, Squirrel (rat with handy fur accessories) Can be caught with smaller traps quite easily.

    Pigeons are simple to catch, find out where they roost in your freehold area, the squab (Baby) are tasty and easy to catch, they sit and fatten in the nest till time to harvest them. The parents lay the 2 eggs in the nest, 18 days later they hatch, you pick them up out of the nest 22 days later, fat and ready for the pan. Better tasting than dove. Google some pigeon recipes. If you wait 30 days they are grown and fly off thats why you never see any baby pigeons out and about. Best of all the parents provide you with 2 new offspring about every 30 days with no effort on your part. You do not even feed them. 50 to 100 breeding pair, worth there weight in gold, worth reading up on.

    Rabbits can be caught with wood box traps, the older the wood you use to make them the better, they will not step in metal ones.
    Armadillos, snakes, and frogs are tasty and do very will in a pinch.

    Get a net for fishing, and several trot lines. Read up on how to make a turtle trap.
    Various size snares and dead fall traps are an extremely productive food source, Google how to make them.

    Research how American Indians caught food and what they ate in your area, how they stored it.
    Also research what third world citizens eat now and you will know what to expect when the spam runs out in our new 4th world reality.

    What do you know about livestock? Very little, That's what I thought.
    Remedy that lack of knowledge, at least about goats and sheep.

    When you clean any animal you catch in spite of what you think about them, they all look much better on a spit, or in a stew! When you are hungry, they look downright fantastic!

    As with any skill, just like with your weapons, practice now, not the day you and yours need to eat. Catch one, clean one, eat one now, and your the winner win you need the info.

    You will not be able to stroll around, hunting and fishing in the daylight, you may be hunted for your supply's and equipment, until the unprepared die off. These are handy skills until that happens.

    Have you mapped your fall back area? Whats in the area now in the way of resources? Can you realistically get to it?
    How defendable is your future freehold?

    Remember me and mine, and you and yours are not starving because we decided now, not to.

    So be prepared, don't waste anything but the splash and the squeal.
    If it runs, swims, or flies
    mmmm - mmmm
  11. I honestly don't see trapping as being "too" cruel. Depending on the manner. Where I grew up trappers would walk an area, lay multiple traps, leave and come back the next day. There are a large varity of traps, but honestly if a particular pest needs to be taken care of then it must be done. Think about glue traps for mice. These are horrible traps as no one ever ends the mouse, they either wait for the mouse to die to throw it away or just throw the live mouse in the trash. Mice are often a pest that cause problems and need to be taken care of, have yet to anyone voice up for those mice. I am in no way attacking your views Herm, just throwin out my point of view that depending on the reason for trapping and type of trap being used, it all depends I suppose. Personally I don't trap. I don't look down on anyone who does trap within normal circumstances, so long as the animal is disposed of in a timely manner and not aloud to suffer, then survival skills must be honed.
  12. If it's brown it's down, if it flies it dies.... Great post Ronco.
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    Isn't this the Survival Zone Forum?
    I don't kill something unless I need to- for sustenance or to keep it from eating me.
    No, I'm not going to set traps in present conditions. But if it comes down to survival, I will use all means necessary.
  15. Neck snares aren't that bad although they do noose them but it's a much faster death. I have always like the deadfall crushing type traps.

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    OH MY gonna kill that defensless wittle bunny wabit How dare you just go get more canned food and leave the little critters be :wink: :lol: [ just kiddin figure I give it to ya before anyone else beat me to it he he]
  17. Well being at the top of the food chain ( sort of ) in a survival situation you must decide what you will do to survive . :) If it means taking a stick or you hands and killing a bunny and skining it and wearing the skin for a make shift shoe or head covering while cooking the meat to keep you alive I guess I'm guilty . :wink:
    BTW If it ever comes to it , dog stew is a little greasy :wink:
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    tree rats

    nail the rat trap to a heavy board before placing. if you get a foot they are strong enough to run off a ways before they bleed to death and stink it up after a few days. Don't ask me how I know...