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Tree Stand Question

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I'm looking at getting a used tree stand from someone and was wanting some opinions on the type that I'm looking at before I got it. It's a climber, but it faces the tree. When you're sitting in it, you're facing the tree. I had never seen any like it until he told me about it. I looked them up online and it seems that every major tree stand maker has one like it. What are the advantages/disadvantages of it? An advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Since I am terrified of heights, I'll give a big +1 on the blind. I make a tipi out of two pieces of camoflage burlap that you can get at Wal-Mart, and three 6' wooden stakes driven into the ground with a piece of wood connecting each stake to the other at gun height. Wrap the burlap around the stakes so that you have a gap between the pieces of burlap to see out of, put in something to sit on (I use an old computer chair, it is easier to swivel around in and is pretty quiet), and you are good to go. The burlap gives you concealment, keeps the wind off of you (and helps trap your scent inside, too), since it tapers together at the top, it keeps you from getting rain / snow on you, and the piece of wood connecting the poles gives you a good rest for your rifle, with 360 degrees of view. Since we hunt our own property, we set it up weeks in advance so as to allow the deer to get used to it being there.
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