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Tree Stand Question

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I'm looking at getting a used tree stand from someone and was wanting some opinions on the type that I'm looking at before I got it. It's a climber, but it faces the tree. When you're sitting in it, you're facing the tree. I had never seen any like it until he told me about it. I looked them up online and it seems that every major tree stand maker has one like it. What are the advantages/disadvantages of it? An advice would be greatly appreciated.
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They've been around forever and get the job well. Facing the tree is good and bad, I like them because you have less profile exposed and you have an excellent shooting brace if you're gun hunting. However if you bow hunt, they are not the best way to go. Also, you kinda lose a little of your sight radius due to the tree blocking your vision. I have both styles and use them interchangeably. FWIW, I prefer climbing in those that face the tree, just seems easier for whatever reason.

Also MODS, could we get this moved to somewhere it might get more traffic?
Then you're good to go. Just remember to strap in, don't you falling on your head after you nail that 8 pt :D
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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