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  1. running a stock marlin 60 tube feed. with a wood working clamp for a bipod. 25 yards and 4 shots. i forgot the rules on super stock and i dont think my rifle qualfies anyways so i said screw it and tried my best. i cant wait for the draganov stock and bipod for more accuracy.

    ^rifle settup

    ^i cut them out of the huge target i had but im running the federal bulk box. indoor range.
  2. Very nice! I really want a Marlin 60, and had high hopes this week: saw one on the rack at a pawn broker, and the tag, which I could read from in front of the counter, said $60. Woo hoo!

    I asked to see it, and (minor bump) it was built in '94 with the smaller cap (14-round) tube. But, MAJOR: it had been abused to the max, with rust outside and in the barrel, and other bangs and abrasions.

    Sorry: There's no excuse for a mere 13-year old firearm being in this kind of shape. Figs on thee who owned it, and I'll wait for another.

    My complaints aside: congrats on a great rifle!

  3. I love my Marlin 60. I feel like it's one of the best deals I've ever gotten. I'm not as good with it yet as you are tho. Hey, maybe we'll get a sub-culture of Marlin 60 owners on here like we have a subculture of MN owners. :)
  4. ya i love the rofle. i ordered a draganov stock, bipod, and hope to get a bigger scope asap so i can get some better groupings with more rounds.
  5. I have been having problems with accuracy out of my model 60 ever since Security Forces dropped it and messed up the scope. I dialed it in with the laser bore sight but haven't had time to put it on paper yet. If I can't get it shooting tight groups next time I go to the range, I am going to have to replace the scope. That scope was special order and cost me $80.00 for the scope and the rings. That's going to hack me off.
  6. I love my model 60 as far as accuracy goes. I have a 3X9X32 scope on mine and can put complete tube in 1" dot at 60 yds with cci minimags. Cheap factory ammo tends to wander some. Good luck getting yours dialed in. Thats half the fun. :D
  7. Wasn't my intention to shut this thread down. :oops:
  8. ???

    Didn't think you did, and I love this thread! (Still looking for a 60, but not willing to settle for rusted junk.)
  9. Honestly, I have about 10 decks of cards laying around in various boxes and junk drawers.... and I have NEVER used them as a target.... I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. If I can put a 7mm mag bullet on a playing card at 225 yards, I think I'll know what my shooting skill level is, what do you guys think?
  10. I watched the local paper ads to get the best deal on mine. That was before I got to know the owner of the sporting goods store that I now frequent. Hope you find one in good condition. Most people don't take good care of anything these days.

    And most of the plaing cards I have are collector items or for cribbage.
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    The Marlin Model 60 is the first gun I bought when I turned 18 and I still have it. I have put a lot of meat on the table with it and it is very accurate with an older Weaver 2-4x scope on it.

    My buddy and I bought 2 more at a gun show last winter for $20 (yep $10 each). They were a bit ratty but no rust and both cleaned up well and shot well. Both are older vintage and mine has the squirrel stock. I am going to do a custom with mine.
  12. ya i cant wait for the dragonov stock to get here only a few more days. then i will order my new bi-pod and bushnell 3-9x30 scope, take it to the range and really dail it in.
  13. I have a model 60, my wife bought it for me just after we got married, in 1974. it is still the best shooting gun I own. I have taken the head off a turkey at one hundred yards at a turkey shoot. one shot only. when she bought it, it cost 39.00 new. it still looks great and has had many thousands rounds through it. I have a good many guns but this one goes out with me any time i go shooting.