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    Hey I'm new to the forum here but I wanted to discuss the amount of play the trigger has before it gets to the breaking point. I'm not talking about the side to side wiggle of the trigger. I was looking at the trigger assembly and noticed that there was about a 1/16 of a inch gap in between the assembly and the sear cam. I'm going to tig weld the additional metal needed to fill the gap and grind it to fit. I will have before and after pics up this week. Additionally I'm going to pollish the surfaces to lighten up the trigger as much as possible. If anyone has done this with any success I would love to hear how it worked. And I was wondering what others thought about this modification. I hate trigger play. All of my fire arms I have done some type of mod to take away trigger play.
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    Let us know how it works out.
    Some here have the Joey trigger which takes up a little of the slack and some here have done at home trigger jobs and mods.

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    For sure man. I'm getting that trigger also. It seems to me I always buy weapons that aren't perfect form the factory. I love to improve the firearm and make it as good as a $1000 weapon. My Dad always gives me crap for it but when he shoots them he always wants to take it home with him.
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    I think you're doing a good thing to fit your desires.

    Me, I like two stage triggers, it's the military guy in me, I guess. I don't mind long double action triggers either. I really dislike the on/off type trigger. So I actually like the way HP triggers work.

    But then, I don't shoot competition that requires speed, I'm more of a bullseye guy.
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    ajole, I'm a combat vet as well. The way I see it is I want the round to go down range as soon as I want it too not a split second after. Just somthing I have been used too. But everyone has there prefrences. Mine is a quick break and you like to ease into it. Thanks for the comment. There is no right or wrong. If you hit the target thats what counts.
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    I haven't messed with my trigger yet but this is what I've done so far.

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    Nice!! Thats cool. I still haven't bought a hp handgun, but I love the carbines. Good job on that. Let us know how the trigger job comes out.
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    Nice like the good mix of colors without the overspray look
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    Pistol in the picture

    Which model is that gun? I like the look. I have seen pictures of the "comp" pistols but have yet to actually see one up close. I wish Mother would offer the compensator for all the pistols. I don't really know how they work but really like the look.
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    C-9 Comp. They came in black.