Trigger install Problem.. please help

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    okay.. Got my awesome new bushman trigger installed and realized.. crap, I forgot to put the spring in. Took it all apart again and went to install the trigger when this thingy fell out.

    I have fought with it for over an hour and cannot get it back in. Any ideas?
  2. That link isn't working, but I think I know the pc. because I had the same issue. Let me find the thread.

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    Thanks! I just fixed the image.
  4. Ok, its kind of tricky, first, here is a picture of what it looks like installed:


    Now, insert the the tip starting where the trigger goes and pass it under the lever still attached to the mechanism.

    It should go far enough in to let the top hook to clear black metal (where the trigger ends).

    Ok, the top hook has to snap in under the carriage... literally snap in.

    It should not just fall out... at least it doesn't on mine..... even with the trigger off.
  5. Bushman,

    as you know that is the same pc. that fell out of mine and frustrated the heck out of me. I just notice that yours is on the opposite side of the gun than mine is, mine is on the side with the charging handle. What year model is yours ? I assume mine is a '07, I got it 2 or 3 weeks ago.
  6. Not sure what revision mine is, bought it second half of last year NIB from a guy that had just bought it NIB and never shot it.
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    I am relatively certain I broke something. I can get it in exactly the position as shown in the picture but nothing locks and there does not seem to be anything that can lock. The pointy end (opposite the trigger end) goes in and looks exactly like the pic, but just falls out when I let go of it.

    I'm going to dink with it some more tonight, then I guess ship it off to hi-point after putting the original stock back on with all the original loose parts in a baggy. Then try again when I get it back.
  8. I dont think there is anythng to break. Ok here is some other things you can try, or make sure you do.


    First, intall the piece make sure its tucked under the receiver (yellow arrow).

    Next, make sure its tucked under the sear arm (orange arrow). This way the spring load from the sear arm will hold it in place. If you have trouble clicking it into place, take a very thin screwdriver and jam it between the sear arm and frame (blue arrow) and give it a little twist to make it move and let you tuck in.

    Its not going to be solid untill the trigger is installed and makes it a 3 point contact. Like I said, mine has been take off more than once and I dont really see how it can break or even bend without really really cranking on it.
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    heh, the mods didn't like my self inflicted wound title...

    I'll give it another shot tonight
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    They probably just changed it to help make it more searchable, or maybe to prevent misunderstandings. When I first saw the title I thought you meant you had inflicted some sortof bloody wound to yourself.
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    Who says I didn't? I never finish any sort of project without bleeding from something...

    Fixed it though. It does not clip into place in any capacity which is what was screwing me up. Thanks everyone!
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    Haha I hear you there buddy. I've stabbed, sliced, dremeled, soldered, and done everything else doing my Xbox mods. They turn out nice in the end though :) So far I haven't got any major bleeds from working on my firearms. *knock on wood*
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    Wow.. I have that exact same grinder injury on my left middle finger. I was deburring some metal swing targets my dad and I made over Xmas and slipped with the grinder and it went almost all the way through to bone after going through leather gloves. It's pretty well healed though the scar is slightly impressive.