Trigger Job?

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    :) OK, I have a new 995 put on a ATI Stock a NcStar 3x9x42, powder coated all the metal parts, and my own custom wood plug that fills the three inch hole that's in front of the trigger, next is the bolt and trigger Bushman makes, but what I need to know, is there a trigger job available for the 995, I redid the trigger on my beretta Neos and that worked great and before I do that I thought I'd ask you all. :?:

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    I like to tighten mine, a little play is ok for some but not me.

  3. There is this guy in FL:

    That sells accesorized 995 (now adding my trigger to them... or at least 3) when I asked him what else he does to them he said he polishes the trigger bearing points. So I asume its a standard polish job just to make them more slick.

    As far as tightening the tigger, my aluminum one has alot less wiggle and people say it feels "crisper".
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    I know how to mod the triggers and it is simple and cheap

    step 1 go to wally-world and get some spring loaded pens.

    step 2 take one pen apart and harvest the spring

    step 3 cut off 3/8s of an inch of the end of the spring and chase down that 3/8 piece of spring.

    step 4 disassemble your hi-point firearm and replace the factory sear spring with your 3/8†bic pen spring piece. (no you cant make it fit inside the sear like the old one)

    step 5 reassemble and test your new trigger.
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    I did something like this.

    :) Hi, I did something like this to my Beretta U22 Neos useing a spring out a of cheap Bic like lighter, it worked great, I'm trying it, as soon as I get Bushmans trigger. :lol:
  6. Lar

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    Bushman trigger/Job?

    :) I just received my latest trinket for my 995 to make it complete a Bushman trigger, after polishing it, I used a lighter spring, and after after much cussing, it finally came together (my eyes are not what they used to be) it feels better than it was, but I want to shoot it to see if I want to go lighter yet, the spring I used is about 3/4 as hard as the stock one was, I will test it, as soon as it warm enough to shoot. 8)
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    Any updates?

    I am interested in improving the trigger on my 995.

    My trigger is fairly "crisp" but has a high level of pull. My 8 year old daughter has to use two fingers to pull the trigger.

    Any way to reduce the weight of the trigger?