Trigger Plate Issues on 995

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  1. Hey guys, recently purchased a 995 in an ATI stock. With my Trigger Plate's rivets - one of them is missing (broken completely off), and the plate itself is not exactly planed/level. (Its a bit bent)

    1.) Is the trigger plate supposed to be permanently riveted to the receiver? (AKA never, ever removed)

    2.) What fixes can keep the Trigger Plate in place to ensure the Sear Cam (Part 31) and Trigger Assembly (Part 30) don't incorrectly move around. (I am experiencing slippage of parts)

    Thanks, and I apologize for no photos!
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    Well at least I'm NOT the only person to have done this? lol
    I made the mistake of removing the plate trying to install a Joey Keychain. The Trigger Plate is spot welded on. Once it comes off, it must be welded back. I sent my gun back to MoM explaining exactly what I had done. She completely rebuilt my Classic to like new condition. You will have to send it back in a Classic stock, I've never heard of HP fixing anything in a ATI stock. Just so you know.
    Good luck!!!

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    Or send it with no stock if you no longer have the old one.
  4. MachoMelvin, Panoz77,

    Thanks for your input and advice! Snagged a classic 995 stock online for $20 shipped, and plan on shipping this sucker back to MoM. (See? I'm getting used to the vernacular!)

    This carbine has been tricked out. Every moving piece that has contact with another pieces of metal (especially the heavy-ass bolt's underside) has been mirror polished, except for the feed ramps.

    I'm sure the Carbine gunsmith is just going to look at this firearm and wonder what the hell someone did to their poor baby. *taking a picture*

    I've done a significant amount of reading on this forum so far, but have yet to exactly figure out what a "Joey Keychain" is. I've seen several users on the custom aluminum trigger thread (40 some pages long?) with the guy who sells them via PM/EMAIL, but have seen very little on the JoeyKeychain - care to divulge what it is, where to find info on it, and where to buy it?

    (Have also bought a LongShot 6" picatinny replacement rail for a RedDot)

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    When Joe started selling his "Triggers", he had buyers pay him by PayPal. But in order keep PayPal happy he called them "keychains" instead if "triggers. U guess it doesn't matter now?