Trigger Pull Adjustment???

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    Hello Group,
    The weather this morning was good enough for me to finally get out and shoot my 40 cal Hi-Point JCP. I have to admit the I am impressed with how the gun shoots and the good way it feels when it fires.
    I am however not so impressed with the factory setting on the trigger pull. It is way to firm for my liking and I do desire to make changes to it so the trigger pull will be smoother.
    I was able to make the trigger pull adjustment on my 44 Mag revolver and it suits me very well. This pistol on the other hand is a mystery to me to figure out how to adjust the trigger pull on it.
    Please do e-mail me with the simple instructions on how I can do this without having to go to a gunsmith. If nessessary I will use a gunsmith for this project.
    Thanks, Bill Henderson
  2. It is generally thought that there is no way to adjust the trigger pull on the Hi Point weapons, but some people have reported some success by taking the rods and linkages that comprise the trigger assembly, and polishing where they contact each other to make them pivot more smothly against each other.

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    Put a good 500 rounds through it before you do anything. It will get better the closer you get to the 500 round mark.
  4. I posted on the old forum: I polished the sear face and the area of the firing pin that engages the sear. This reduced trigger pull by a third. Further work on the trigger linkage/sear cam provided no additional imprevement. YMMV.
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    Farmkid can I send you mine and you polish the parts in mine? 8) :lol:
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    If you folks meet 1/2 way in SC we can all go shooting! (@ Farmkid and p7196)

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    This trigger mod has been the cause of several A/D's as people have always taken it a bit too far and ended up making the pistol unsafe due too the crude instructions. I have removed the link for that reason.
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    Hello Group,
    Success atlast. Thanks to some real timely advice here, I was able to field strip my pistol and inspect the moving parts of the firing system.
    Fortunately there were no burrs or metal that needed to be removed. I did a complete cleaning of these parts and oiled them as well as I could.
    I reassembled the pistol and placed an empty case in the chamber for test firing. The trigger pull is now a whole lot smoother and is now more to my liking. I will go back to the firing range next weekend if the weather allows and see if the smoother trigger pull helps with my shooting as it did with my revolver.
    Thanks so much for all of the advice.
    Bill Henderson
  9. Excellent point, and thanks for the spankin' !
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    No spankin, just a safety issue. You know HPFF still loves ya! :D
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    I wonder if Wolff makes springs for the Hi-Point