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I among many others would prefer that the trigger pull be a little better. There isn't much of a way to change the pull. Yep there is the $.25 Glock trigger job. But it doesn't lighten the pull a bit just smooths it out a little better than HP made it. So tonight I was perusing another site and ran across an item I am curious about. It is called the easy pull or E-Z Pull. They do make one that will fit our guns. Has anyone else heard of it or tried it? It is a piece that bolts to your trigger guard and resembles an upside down trigger. You can move it forward or backward and it can make the pull feel lighter. At least that is the claim. I am unsure if it would really lighten or not since it does nothing to the trigger itself. It looks like it is just going to lengthen the reach and it comes back as you pull the "trigger" on it and contacts the trigger of the weapon.
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