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    Has anyone lightened the trigger pull weight on their 995 carbine, and what was the method or mods you used? Also, I'd like to find out what the average stock trigger pull weight is, so anyone who know theirs, please post. Thanks.
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    Disassemble the weapon

    Find all the parts in the trigger grouping

    Identify the contact surfaces

    Polish said contact points

    Reassemble and lube

    That's pretty much it, but I'm sure some of the finer points will be added by the true gunsmiths. I have a friend who does this a the time...
    Additionally, I know it is very important to not remove an appreciable amount of material, or change any angles or geometry of the parts. Malfunctions can and WILL occur!
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  3. I did a trigger job on my 995. Like underground says, polish all the parts and contact points and lube. I ran a loop of wire thru the trigger guard and long enough to go around the back of the stock. Took the fish scale from my tackle box, cocked the gun, and slowly pulled back on the scale that was hooked on the wire loop. Did it a number of times to get a fairly consistent value. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's a starting point. I did find a spring in an assortment I bought at Lowes or Home Depot, It looked almost exactly like the OEM spring, but it was a LITTLE lighter. With the spring installed, the new value on the scale was about 75% of the previous measure. Go too light and the gun will go automatic. Then I lubed. Like with no other gun I have even lubed this way, I used a stick of Lithium grease. It was a stiff as a crayon. I smeared it on all the contact points. Then I had to work the trigger quickly about 20 or so times to work it in. Smooth as glass? No, but a heck of a lot better. Do to safety precautions, I do not advise you to do this.
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    Thanks WHEELJACK!
    I may try this, but with guidance from my gunsmith friend.
    Never heard of using lithium grease, but it should be fine
  5. I need to do something with my 995TS. I'm having a bad time with the trigger pull on mine. I have read over Wolf's disassembly guide, but it's for a 995 classic. Is there something similar for the TS?
  6. I just got a 995 the other day and the trigger sucked way to heavy for a carbine but using the same setup that I did on my c9 the pull is smooth and just over 3lbs.