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    I received the trigger today and I am so pleased with the product, the shipping time, and the communication from the seller (you all can figure out who it is from). I first rounded some sharp edges with a dremel and then installed it in my 995. It took in total 40 minutes (I took my time). I believe it is the next best mod to the 995 other than the ATI Stock. After the install I noticed immediately the following:
    1: No side to side movement.
    2. The trigger breaks smooth and easy. (I do not know if because it is a little longer).
    3. It is made in America! :D

    Thanks again Mr. Seller and let me know when the charging handle is ready. Following is the pics of it installed in my 995:

    Happy New Year Everyone.
  2. looks nice. Thanks.

  3. Looks great!!!! Glad to hear it makes the 995 better! Do they come in black??? lol
  4. Thats the first time I have seen in on an ATI stock. Not bad looking. See some "room" for improvement. Maybe one of these days I can make one specially for it.
  5. A tip, warning, or whatever for those wanting a black trigger: I used Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black, and it only produces a medium gray on this alloy:


    I like this well enough to consider leaving it this way, but if you're looking for a dark black, you need to look at other options.
  6. The bottle does say it will turn from gray to black depending on the alloy..... hmmm.... In case you are wondering, this particular alloy is 6105-T5 which is very similar to 6061-T6 except with more silicone.
  7. I know: I'm aware of the caveat, and it was an experiment. Furthermore, as I said, I may keep it that way -- it has a kind of rough-forged look that matches the meaness of the factory stock.

    And, in case anyone was confused: my post was not IN ANY WAY a criticism of bushman's trigger, which is great. It was just a comment on my coloring experience so that others could use/avoid the Blackener product, depending on their expectations.

    In closing: thanks, bushman, for a great trigger! Some late-breaking news: I've decided to mount the trigger with its existing finish to see how it looks, and my trigger review, part 2, will follow.
  8. Please don't think I was being an A hole about it. Sometimes the stuff I write does not come out they way it sounded in my head.
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    Hey Bushman. Good Excuse! You can say anything you want and have it come out anyway you want. ONLY if you speed up production on those Damn charging handles. Stop chatting online and get to work already! Disclaimer:(this was written with sarcasm for all you serious types)
  10. Hey, no problem. The voices in my head don't always communicate so well either. :lol:

    Trust me: I'm in line for the operating handle and (pant) the new muzzle brake as soon as they're available. I respect your work implicitely, and no hard feelings, right? You'll still ship to me, right, compadre? Please?
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    Looks great, I will be ordering two of these, and two of the operating handles as soon as they are available.
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    I got my trigger the other day. It looks sweet. I got my ATI stock today and it also looks sweet. Now I need to buy a 995! I bought all these parts for a gun that I don't even own yet!
    I should probably get a charging handle and a barrel shroud next!
    This place is addictive! :D
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    Though you havent got the gun yet. consider this, you may want the laserlyte laser that fits the ATI and other than the oem flash hider, I have not seen a shroud that didn't block the laser. Drat! [​IMG]
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    Hey Lash, the first Harttman shroud that I got was notched specifically for the laser, so it has, and can be done... unfortunately he's not currently in production. It worked just fine, but my laser kept crapping out, so I flipped the shroud, and modified the sight block to fit inside.
  15. Warning: lesson learned

    *** Warning -- Lesson Learned ***

    Update on Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black:

    Use with caution, if at all. First, it does not work well with the alloy that Bushman is using; as shown above, it produces only a light gray. But that's not the real problem. I've been unable to install the trigger because the corrosion that it produces apparently crustied up the middle hole (the tight-fit one that connects the trigger to the mechanism), and I've been unable to insert the pin.

    Now, admittedly, I probably over-applied it, as I submerged the trigger in the solution rather than swabbing it on. But, my recommendation is: stay away.